Mayor Braun seemed irate tonight.

Anticipating that I would not be surrounded by warm-fuzzies for my ten-minute delegation, I first went to our Monday evening music jam.  A friend picked me up there and got me to City Hall for 7 PM.  And it was a relief to return to my music friends at 7:30 to get the awful sense of futility out of my soul.

I deviated hardly at all from my script, which I emailed to Council this morning. Not quite sure what in particular so offended the Mayor.  He gave me an indignant lecture but offered no comment on the substance of my script. Nor did any of the Councillors.  It was the usual, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out,” reception.

So I presume Mayor Braun and all the Councillors would have no objection if they went on a few weeks vacation and came home to discover the zoning had been altered in their home base, while they weren’t looking.  So sad.  We did send you a postcard.  Sent it 10 days ago.  You should have been home to read it.  Better luck on your next property.

Except for two little thoughts that I managed to tuck in, (and still  keep within the stern time-frame) …. I wondered out loud why people have tolerated the situation of Public Hearings sneaking up on them, with a ridiculously inadequate 10 day heads-up to prepare for a Hearing.

And the second thing that jumped out of my script was how easy the present process makes it for government and developers to yank the zoning rug out from under our properties.  Almost becomes impossible to see this as merely some ill thought out guidelines framed by some government bureaucrat stuck in a cubby-hole somewhere.

Because there are just too many very wealthy players who stand to profit if the cheaper lands they scooped up can be smoothly switched to zoning the speculators like better.  You would not want happy communities who bought in faith they could put down roots, fix their homes and plant perennial gardens to stand against the designs speculators have on their  communities.  Much better to be able to move with speed and surprise.  Get Council on side and it’s all over but the cryin’ for the affected resident, who might have rallied, if they’d had half a chance.

Something I will look at a bit deeper is the City claim that they adhere to Provincial rules,  when they say dropping a post-card in their mail-box 10 days prior to a Public Hearing is what is REQUIRED by the senior level of government.  My friend Lynn Perrin tells me that is THE MINIMAL REQUIREMENT of the BC Government,……!   Wait a minute….?!

Also:  I suggest that a 100 meter notification to neighbours is too little, and should be made a 1,000 meter circumference, is upon second sober thought too big.  One of the fellows at the Council last evening suggests 300 meters as more reasonable.

After I left the Council chamber 2090 Oakridge Crescent would have come up on the agenda.  I’ll watch the proceedings, I guess, on the archives, but likely they would have done another First and Second Reading in one breath and moved K.K. Gill’s request for a by-law change here in my wonderful neighbourhood, to a Public Hearing for Sept. 12th.

At this point I can only hope, and pray, that this little oasis will not be turned into monster houses, full of illegal suites.  But my eyes and ears give me little hope that we have a Council that cares what we think.mafia-boss-arms-crossed-illustration-cartoon-angry-suit-55316243