From: Gerda Peachey <>
Date: Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 3:18 PM

To: premier <>, “deJong.MLA, Mike” <>, Darryl <>,, Rich Coleman <>

How long have we, the taxpayers of BC been paying to Merck to come into our public schools and inject, 3 separate shots of their strange chemicals, designed to protect healthy little children, IN CASE THEY SUCCUMB TO IMMORAL MESSAGING, to ‘become sexually active’,…..long before they have the maturity to handle the mental, emotional consequences of such ultimate physical action.

So if the cheap sex people win over the minds of our innocent little children, then they might contact sexually-transmitted diseases.  On the faint promise of saving the child from some future possible cervical cancer, a disease brought on by heeding the siren call of free and easy sex, any time, any way, with anyone,  children in BC are right now injected with chemicals whose effects, now,…. and down the road,……. cannot be predicted.

This is appalling and wicked.  Merck has one sweet deal on the backs of all taxpayers in BC, even people who recognize this for what it is,…….an immoral business from the message of easy sex, – to unknown later impacts on bodies whose cells have been altered,  and all for the spurious promise of future protection.

Shameful, Premier Clark.  Shameful, Finance Minister Mike de Jong.  Shameful all of you men and women who traverse the Province telling us how wise and noble and courageous you are, when you covet our votes.  Where is your wisdom and courage in the face of a business that gets millions on the bodies of our little children?

I have asked for a copy of the contract between the BC Government and Merck.  Nothing!!

I have asked how many children have got the 3 shots.  Does our government plan to acquiesce to Merck’s desire to get all public school boys and girls from the ages of 9 to 12 on their program? 

For many months I’ve waited to see how much we, the taxpayers, have paid Merck to inject Gardasil into healthy children. The kids might face awful health problems in the future because we, the adults and leaders in their lives allowed them to be fodder for this pharmaceutical company.

To date, though this is actively going on, there is no disclosure of any data, for us who pay the bills.

If this all goes badly wrong in the future, none of the present decision makers will pay a price for this evil.  So what if conclusive proof emerges in the future, linking Gardasil to dreadful diseases, and people sue?  Who will they be suing?  Themselves.  No government official is injured by the few folk who have the time, money and will to sue for  government sanctioned harm.  No skin off their noses,….unless a child precious to themselves develops one of the myriad strange diseases on the rise.

How easy is it to link unnecessary chemical injections with things that go wrong later, like depression, infertility, tendency toward addictions, auto-immune diseases, weak heart,……who really knows!  Why on earth mess with our God-given bodies and ingest or inject chemicals DESIGNED to alter our body chemistry?

If you cut your main artery in an accident with your electric saw, hurry to the nearest hospital.  Rush to where medical help is available, and be very thankful for them,  but don’t let people stick unnecessary chemicals into your healthy little children.

Our precious child has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 36.  Doctors tell her this has been developing for a long time.  Are previous immunizations or medicines to blame?  I certainly don’t know.  But I do know we should be slow to resort to drug use – unless there is no other choice.

Below is a portion of a friend’s email:

“Saw an article not too long ago about the settlements made by Merck to parents of children who developed autism because of their vaccine.  The government has already established, unequivocally, that Merck lied about the effectiveness of its measles vaccine; it doesn’t prevent the disease very well and that’s primarily why we have outbreaks, not because of those awful anti-vaccers who are endangering the population of the entire world.  It’s not a secret but the media does not report it because there is a voluntary (or governmental) ban on the truth.  Anyway, the company freely pays out for these damages because it will lose in court if it does not.  Italy already ruled against a company (Merck?) and for an autistic child.  More cases are expected to come forward because of that ruling.  There is no conspiracy; vaccines do cause death and injury.  How much is debatable, as there is no way to get the truth, since the governments are so determined to hush things up and the media follows obediently.  These are huge stories that are being deliberately hushed up.  That is almost a bigger crime than knowingly damaging kids.


(Name) is permanently damaged by the pertussis vaccine.  She has brain damage and autism.  She will never live the life she started out so capable of.  She went to school with kids also damaged by the same vaccine.  Local school.  Same as other schools in Abbotsford.  One of those kids died as a young adult, probably as a result of the injuries she sustained as an infant (her health was always precarious since she was initially injured and she was always on the verge of death because of it).  And yet the official line is that no kid in BC has ever been killed by the vaccine and that very, very few are injured by it.  So many in a small city, as Abbotsford was 40 years ago, and family doctors and specialists very quickly and easily identified the culprit in each case – simply because they had ample experience seeing this happen so many times – but said they would always deny having said it if parents ever “outed” them, as they could not do so without repercussions.  If the truth was ever told there would be mayhem and lawsuits and bankruptcies and an epidemic of parents refusing to vaccinate their children.  Total chaos.  And that’s why the public is told lies on a daily basis and bullied and accused of being tin-foil hat wearers if they so much as whisper the truth.


Had to consider very carefully what vaccines my kids got.  …………  My family doctor sympathized with me.  He refused to vaccinate his own kids against pertussis.  He’d seen enough of the damage from the disease and from the vaccine to make that difficult choice.


…. the government and society has dumped (name) as the collateral damage acceptable in the quest for “herd immunity”.  Along with all the other kids and drooling adults that now sit in institutions, waiting for the next major seizure to finally kill them.  And that’s okay, according to the government and the media, as long as their own precious darlings aren’t affected.  Acceptable collateral damage, swept under the rug.”

My friend, (above) speaks with the pathos of agony that only someone who loves deeply can know.  If I still had to make decisions about what shots a child should get, I don’t know what I would do now.  I’ve met a lot of people who say unequivocally that they got an immunization shot, and immediately fell into some dreadful illness.

I worked with a woman whose body was twisted and distorted with painful arthritis that all her doctors attributed to an immunization shot.

But shooting Gardasil into healthy children IS A NO-BRAINER.  Children might contract measles, mumps and chicken pox from sharing the same classroom, but injecting strange chemicals into their little bodies for possible, future, sexually-transmitted disease is nothing of the same thing.  It is perfectly clear however that it makes a lot of money for Merck, as well as predisposing little minds to think immoral behaviour is expected of them.

This is indeed immoral, and a vile rot at the top levels of government.

The government has a vaccine court and fund that serve to compensate people who can show strong evidence that their child’s injury is due to vaccinations.