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From: Gerda Peachey <gerdapeachey@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 2:04 AM
Subject: Using tax-dollars to inject Gardasil into little children under the guise of saving them from future sexual HPV disease.
To: terry.lake.MLA@leg.bc.ca, “deJong.MLA, Mike” <Mike.deJong.MLA@leg.bc.ca>, premier <premier@gov.bc.ca>, ed.fast.c1a@parl.gc.ca

To Health Minister Terry Lake, and Finance Minister Mike de Jong, Premier Christy clark, and MP Ed Fast:

Under Freedom of Information would you provide me with the amount of money we have paid, to date, to Merck, the pharmaceutical company that makes Gardasil?

Please provide a copy of your agreement with Merck.

Have you committed BC tax-payers to a long-term agreement?

Have you agreed to persuade more children to accept this shot for Merck?

Are you aiming to fulfill the Merck goal of making these injections MANDATORY FOR ALL LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM?

Please provide the number of children in public schools who have been given this injection to date.

Please provide the number of children you expect to persuade in the future, via their guardians, to get this injection.

Please provide the number of children who’ve had adverse reactions to the Gardasil shot.  (The only information I was able to get from you, the government to date, was woefully inadequate, citing a nonchalant and dismissive comment under ‘What are the risks and side effects?’…answer…...’Possible side effects include a low fever and soreness where the shot was given.’ )

That does not mesh with the thousands of voices raised in warning against this invasive medicine for an illness that does not exist, and need never exist in the future of that child. Please view some of those protesting this enormously lucrative deal for Merck, and highly suspect benefit for children.  http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/07/07/pfizer-vice-president-blows-the-whistle-tells-the-truth-about-the-pharmaceutical-industry/


I know you can buy experts to authenticate any desired outcome, but surely injecting the chemicals in Gardasil into little children for sexual activity that we should encourage them to keep for a life-long partner, is nowhere near the category of giving shots for mumps, measles and chicken-pox , those things they can catch just by being in the same room as other children!

Please provide what data children and their guardians receive in advance, in order that they may be well-informed as to the risks, as well as the purported benefits.

How much do you anticipate this program will cost on an annual basis?

Do you have any idea what these chemicals will do in these young bodies later on?  Will girls have more miscarriages?  Can these chemical cocktails lead to depression, or to ALS or Multiple Sclerosis.  MANY voices from within the medical community are warning us about giving Gardasil to little children.  Please listen to them.

Below is a list of autoimmune diseases.  Many people believe these are on the increase due to the unknown and extremely complex inter-reactions within our bodies when we inject or ingest chemicals.

Have you in the BC Government taken the warnings into account before you urged that little children should have THREE shots of Gardasil, to possibly  prevent a sexually-aquired disease, long before we want our little children to be giving their bodies to satisfy the lusts of others?

Why would you not make every effort to instill within these little children a longing for the high and noble and lofty things they can achieve in life, rather than encouraging them to think they must give in to the lower and base temptations?

Children who are given wholesome goals and who learn self-discipline are far more likely to grow up happy and healthy in body and mind.  Help them attain the genuinely good things of life, like a good marriage, values that centre around family, caring about others, instead of using them for self-gratification.

Your government, as well as our Federal government, seems to be promoting immorality in our young.  The horrific message is abandon all moral restraints, abort any babies that begin life in the womb,  blow your brains on drugs, and the government will provide you with all the paraphernalia necessary to keep you enslaved in addictions.  Inject government promoted, and paid for, Gardasil shots to possibly prevent one of the many sexually-transmitted diseases, …….THAT CAN BE AVOIDED  by higher moral lifestyle decisions.

Oh, and if all that degradation of letting people use your body to satisfy their lusts, using drugs to dull your confused and aching heart, failing to achieve those dreams you once had because sex and drugs have made you ill, body and soul, – well don’t worry, – your benevolent government aims to make it legal and easy for you to exit life.

Dear government leaders, please take the high road yourselves.  Give the province, and our nation back the moral compass that was once, more or less the norm.

Please reply to my FOI request.

Thank you,

Gerda Peachey,  Abbotsford, BC

List of Diseases

Autoimmune and Autoimmune-Related Diseases