or is it more accurate to call our silence cowardice?  http://go.clarionproject.org/numbers-full-film/

Ignore the despicable Ben Affleck and listen to the Muslim woman, Raheel Raza,  who knows what she is talking about.

– When there is a disease or a virus, it can’t be teated unless you identify the problem.

– There are 1.6 million muslim jihadists in ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and Iranian IRCG, plus all the lone-wolves roving the world ready to blow you up and die for Allah.

– Then there are Islamists who use political and cultural systems, like democracy to gain legitimate power. CAIR tries to silence the truth about Islam.  CAIR managed to shut down the ‘Honour Diaries’, a film put together by Muslim women about the violence they suffer under Sharia Law.

– PEW researched thousands of people in 39 countries and found that 27% (237 million) Muslims believe anyone who leaves their religion should be executed.

PEW found 39% (345 million Muslims) believe honour killing is justified.

PEW found 53% (281 million Muslims) want Sharia to be the law of the land in Muslim majority countries.  And bear in mind that militant Islam daily declares it intends to sweep the world clean of infidels and rule the entire place.

PEW found 289 million Muslims favour the stoning of unfaithful spouses.  Now that is very unfortunate for the women who get raped, because they too get classified as unfaithful.