If the young Christie Blatchford was anything like the present-day journalist, that might explain her inability to comprehend what Premier Christie Clark says about men hurting little girls.  I wish more girls could elbow creeps in the gut as Blatchford does, but the sad and sick reality is that an awful lot of men do molest little girls, and I suspect few of them are caught or stopped.

In many years of volunteer work, women tell of the horror and emotional scars of sexual attack.  This is a major cause of despair and defeated lives.  Women, too often spiral into drugs and alcohol and bad relationships because they can’t cope with the pain inflicted by sexual abuse.

It’s good that Christie Blatchford got through life relatively untouched by such horror, but she should not trivialize the impact on others who are not as tough.

Blatchford tries to equate a boy at a camp, and a lecherous man in a movie theatre with a guy who grabs a young girl and attempts to rape her, which is clearly what the guy intended to do to little Christy Clark.  There is no comparable danger in those situations.

To suggest that Premier Clark is using this to garner votes in the next election is really cheap and unbefitting of such a good writer as Blatchford.

Premier Clark has done a noble deed in telling the world about her awful experience.

The creeps lurking in bushes will never be stopped until justice means punishment for crimes against children.  And society desperately needs to turn back to the truth and love and justice of God, our creator.  Only in Him can we live fully human lives.