…..the words of ethics professor Theo Boer, who was responsible for drafting the initial Dutch legislation, (2000).  In 2014 he wondered if, “the mere existence of such a law is an invitation to see assisted suicide and euthanasia as a normality instead of a last resort.”

What a rush our new Liberal government is in to degrade and destroy the lives of Canadians.  Continue hell-bent on destroying our own babies in the safety of their mother’s wombs.  Brain-wash all children that they have no creator God,….they are nothing but material somehow come together over vast time, by pure materialistic accidents.  Destroy the moral foundation of the Word of the living God, teach children to follow every thought and whim urged upon them by a godless ‘entertainment’ medium. Make mind-altering drugs easily available.

In the ‘liberated’ world of the Liberal government, there shall be no nonsense about one man and one woman joined in committed union, forming strong foundations for family life.  There shall be liberation to do sex with anyone, anytime, anyway.  And if any new babies happen to form and inconvenience the liberated thrill-seekers, just dispose of the baby.  Mess with your healthy mind, alter it with unlimited drugs.  Never tolerate the word ‘SIN’ to describe any activity.  And DEATH,……..bring it on.

The Liberals wish to destroy every vestige of a moral compass in our souls.

And when all those destructive forces overwhelm the child, tell them to just step out of the world of the living, the doctor who once healed them stands ready to kill them.   Strong forces are demanding that assisted suicide be granted regardless of age, or reason.

What an ugly world is being shaped by the pretty face of our national leader, and his team.

How many Christian politicians have sold their souls for the fleeting power, glory and wealth offered by the lure of public office?  What a price to pay for a paltry, swiftly passing temporal life and risking the loss of eternity in the presence of God.

Lord, we need more Godly men and women in political office.  We’ve watched in dismay as fearless talking candidates become subservient and spineless cowards, once they gain the coveted seat.  Now all that matters is to hold on to the prize,……the earthly prize.