…….although that was likely not his intention.


I’ll highlight a few segments of his article in green, and add some comments.  Read the full article to get these excerpts in their context.

Solomon:  Only two million of the countless numbers of species that have inhabited Earth have been named to date, a never-ending process started in the mid-18th century by Linnaeus, the “father of modern taxonomy.” The process is never-ending partly because nature continually creates new species.

 Solomon makes a claim here that is used freely and rather furiously by evolutionists, and it is without a shred of hard science to back it up.  Solomon quite correctly describes a process that produces living things that generally can no longer mate with each other, but see,……… the creatures started off able to mate, and produce viable offspring.  They COULD mate but LOST that ability.  None of the examples in this article involve living things becoming more complex, they all LOSE information.  They all have LESS genetic information to draw on. 

The stories of our evolutionary ascent abound in deliberate muddying of language.  So the word ‘evolution’ has come to mean anything, everything.  It is all encompassing  and utterly devoid of meaning.

For those just-so stories to be true there must be a mechanism for life to spring from non-life.  Then untold billions of transformations of miraculous proportions must take place in the organisms DNA where it will become the norm for descendants.  Like the finger you lost to a buzz saw won’t be a lost finger for your new baby, nor will the arm muscles you worked so hard to develop be an acquired characteristic for your little boy.  He’ll have to pump iron for himself.

But what we see in the real world, and in real labs are animals stay true to their kind, and mutations are either neutral in effect, or harmful.  But there are no dogs, or cats, or rats or people anywhere on earth in the evolutionary transition to morphing into another kind of life-form.   If organisms can mate and produce viable offspring, they are the same species, by the agreed upon definition of that word.  If they cannot produce viable offspring they have either lost that ability, or never were properly classified.  And take note that scientists quite frequently change their minds about names, but NEVER have they witnessed one life form pulling up its little genetic sockies and emerging as something new and improved, along with a conveniently placed mate with whom they carry on, ever evolving upward and onward.  And untold little mosquitoes with deformed eyes, feelers too long or too short and bodies that can’t fly would testify (if only they could talk), to the immense effort on the part of men and women of science to prove evolution is happening,….. as we speak.images-44

 Solomon:  The undergrounders, [mosquitoes] thought to have been stranded when the tunnels were largely sealed-off from the surface, needed to adapt in order to survive, and adapt they did. In their birdless subterranean habitat, they became mammal biters, feeding on rats, other animals and the maintenance men working underground. Unlike the surface mosquitoes, which need a lot of space in which to mate, the underground mosquitoes adapted to subterranean life by mating in closed areas. The underground mosquitoes soon evolved to be too distinct to interbreed with other mosquitoes — a process called speciation, or the creation of new species.

 The mosquitoes are still mosquitoes, nothing higher, but they LOST the ability they once had to interbreed with the above-ground relatives.

Solomon:  New species often result when a population becomes geographically stranded and must either adapt or die out. This happens through all manner of natural phenomena, such as when plants and animals find themselves on the isolated habitats created by volcanic eruptions,  

Adapt or die out, but those creatures do not gain more complex, better genetic information.

Solomon:  Earthquakes, even severe storms, can create islands, as can humans all have ecological niches with the potential to originate new species over time.

Potential to originate new species.  Never seen in the lab, never seen in real life.  And it cannot be found in the fossil record.  What is deemed to be a ‘new’ species is in reality a shadow of the original.  An inferior of the original. 

Solomon:  “in Australia, clearing forests for agricultural land has split up populations of gliders, possums and ground-dwelling marsupials. These separate populations will go on evolving until they are too genetically different to interbreed.”

 Solomon is correct to call them ‘separate populations’, but he should have said they may go on DE-VOLVING  because they have LOST  the genetic information to interbreed within the richer gene pool.

Solomon:  Because the mice couldn’t roam to interbreed with their country cousins in other parts of the island, the mice in the various settlements evolved separately, ending up with between 22 and 30 chromosomes compared to the 40 in the European mice that originally came to Madeira’s shores.

 Note the LOSS of chromosomes in the Madeira mice.

 Solomon:  Scientists estimate that the planet has lost 99 per cent of all species that ever existed, thanks to events such as the Great Dying of 250 million years ago that wiped out 97 per cent of all species, and the mass extinction that did in the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

The world is a fossil graveyard.  There are billions upon billions of once vibrant, living plants, animals, birds, fish,……..all life forms happily going about their business when suddenly the world was caught up in a violent, catastrophic event, such as has never been witnessed by modern man.  All the existing flora and fauna get drowned in the deluge and compressed into the re-worked earth.  We use the coal, oil and gas created by the compression of that biomass, so rapidly caught up in volcanism, earth-rending, flooding and burial in muddy slurries,……all over the earth they lie as silent witness to the truth of Genesis.

Paleontologists are committed to the just-so stories of bacteria to biologist evolution, so are loathe to speak clearly, like as in,…… ‘Why this looks just like a turtle, a real-life, present day turtle.  Oh, and this looks like a modern bird.  Why this, it looks just like a snake.  And here’s a frog, a bee, a dragonfly.  Why these leaves even look like modern day oak, and maple and………..Oh, but it won’t do to let people know that in all of our alleged deep-time evolutionary tales these once-living things, now perfectly preserved in sedimentary rock ……..show no sign of evolutionary change.  So we must be sure to give them different genus and species names.  No one will be the wiser.’

There was indeed a ‘Great Dying’ as the wrath of God came on the world that had rebelled against His justice, love and truth.  But the 250 million and the 66 million years are contrived ages. The story of evolution demands TIME, endless, unsearchable time, eons beyond our ability to prove, or disprove.  And that’s the way evolutionists want to keep it.  Those ages are based on presuppositions and on flawed human data fed into computer models.  Garbage in – garbage out.

Science can barely explain the real, tangible world at their fingertips, yet make astounding claims about purported minute changes in ‘ancestral’ life-forms never seen except in the fevered imagination of evolution story weavers.  Nor can any person alive today write their own life history as far back as a mere 15,000 years, yet we are to put our minds out to pasture when academia tells us tall tales about our slimy sea ancestry.  

The time of that global flood is closer to 4,500 years ago.

The same fossil rock can yield wildly diverse ages in lab analysis, without causing a hitch.  Just choose the date you want/need to fit into the age you WANT. 

Read enough books and you will note something curious,….. the inviolable facts of where a fossil creature or plant should fit, in this fantasy time-line, tends to have a wandering habit.  Writers of evolution facts, figures and time-scales are given a pretty free hand to alter the data as often as it suits them.  The data does not change.  A fossil is the same rock-hard evidence whether you believe in God the creator, the devil, or nothing, but evolutionist often have to re-work the scenario of the fossil’s life and death in order to fit into the ruling paradigm. We are simply required to believe our betters.

But when something is simply not true, no amount of jiggling and re-arranging the pieces will make them tell a credible story of our beginnings.  God created us and everything in the universe, and God destroyed that ancient world by a cataclysmic flood.  God loves us and warns us to flee from the wrath to come on a world in rebellion.  This time His judgment will not be with water, but with all-consuming fire, and final.  We can chose God and eternal life in His presence or follow the mortal enemy of our souls into eternal separation from Him who is pure and holy.

So good job Mr. Solomon.  You believe the fables of Emperor Evolution, now re-read the facts, as you so correctly summed them up for us in this article.  Maybe God, in His mercy will remove the scales of decades of evolution indoctrination from your eyes.