……….or add any number of zeros.  The boy is still worth more than the ape.  Jesus Christ gave His life on the cross of Calvary, for that little boy.  Jesus, God incarnate paid the ultimate sacrifice to redeem the life of that little boy,…….and you.

The drowning death of little Aylan Kurdi evoked a word-wide response of grief and action on behalf of people fleeing war-torn Syria.

But another little boy who could very easily have died because he fell into a gorilla enclosure, should have been sacrificed, rather than risk the loss of an endangered gorilla,…..or a least, so say thousands of people on social media.

The people demanding revenge on the mother whose child slipped away from her, evidently never experienced the terror of most mothers on earth whose little children are gone from their protective sight.  Such people have either never been parents at all or they are endowed with super-human Wonder Woman abilities.

How horrible and savage we have become.  The life of a gorilla matters more to us than the life of a little boy.  We want to reduce the worth of human life to less than that of animals.


Our enlightened western civilization has largely turned it’s back on God our creator.  God tells us that He created all of life, and then, last of all, on the sixth day of the creation week, He created man, in His own image.  Male and female He created them.  We were the highest of all His works.  He, our creator, designer and Lord had fellowship, communion with us in His perfect world.

But He made us with the ability to think, to act and to rebel against Him, our God.  It doesn’t seem like a lot of time passed in the garden of Eden before our first parents made the decision to ‘do it their way’, and here we are today in a colossal mess.  And most of us are still in rebellion mode.

Evolution gives humanity a tool to try to convince themselves their Creator does not exist. And if they can shut their eyes real tight and suppress the marvellous minds God has given, then any foolish belief system will do in the attempt to deny the God, who will never be dethroned.

But the harm of denying our Creator is vast, and this week we saw the life of an animal meant more to the internet crowd than a child made in the image of God.

Below is one of many documentaries trying desperately to equate the value of humans and apes.  Years and entire lifetimes and untold millions are poured into the quest to prove our evolutionary connection to the animal world, and they are colossal failures.

Thank God for the zoo employees who still saw the life of a child as having more value than even a revered, endangered animal.  It would be wise to listen to the narrator in the ‘World’s Most Genius Ape’ documentary, below,……

“Apes have emotional issues, …….rivalry, violence, and most of all they’re impulsive.”

Based on real world studies that little boy’s life was in danger. Cute cats play with pretty birds, but the results are usually fatal for the pretty bird.