A disillusioned former ‘Conservative’ friend sent me this email.  He pretty well sums up my view of the new sunny ways conservatism.  

If anything Stephen Harper was not conservative enough for me.  He lost my respect when he started his mandate by promising never to touch the appalling murder of our own children in the wombs of their mothers,……the safest place on earth now entered with scalpels and salt and chemicals to eradicate our offspring.

Harper was dour, and he was dishonest in the business of protecting Mike Duffy from his insatiable greed, but Harper was the best on offer.  Now we have ‘conservatives‘ celebrating their decision to turn ever further away from God, our Creator and Lord.

You may break God’s laws all you want, but in the end you break yourself and your world.

Here’s my friend’s summary.  I have more reservations about environmental damage done by human greed and carelessness than my friend seems to express here, but I know the guy loves and cares for nature.  But his care of the earth is done in a pragmatic and sensible manner. Sometimes the city-dwelling enviro-talkers do more harm than good for the earth they claim to revere.  

And that is the heart of most evil on the face of the earth,……reverence for anything and everything but our Lord and God and Saviour, who alone is worthy of our reverence.


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Hello Kellie, Sander, Rona, Ed,


Supporting “anthropogenic climate change” without a shred of scientific evidence supporting it, “gay marriage” for the sake of votes, “euthanasia/assisted suicide” for the old/sick/disabled/depressed/unborn, when we don’t even have capital punishment/euthanasia for criminals… 


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Added comment from the original:

Hello Gerda,


Regarding: https://gerdapeacheysviews.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/send-us-your-sick-and-sad-and-suicidal/


My colleague  [name] alerted me to some semantics I missed. The bill is named “assisted dying”, not “assisted suicide”. All of us are “dying” all the time, yet only when assisting us in our own quest for it, can it be termed “assisted suicide”. That is too narrow a definition for those drafting the legislation, and those wishing to exercise its content.


Assisted suicide is only one form of assisted dying. “Assisted dying” includes every form of euthanasia from abortion of unborn babies to honor killing or premeditated first degree murder of anyone for any reason.


If I push someone off a cliff am I not just assisting that person in dying?