Marijuana is not some harmless, recreational drug.

It is extremely foolish of our government to make this an even more accessible substance to ruin the lives of our young people.

And maybe, if we no longer care about our young humans, we’ll take note of the effect of marijuana on our pets.

Excerpts from:

The large, short-haired dog was lethargic and seemed to be disoriented.

Kamloops veterinarian Bruce Maricle says the dog had likely eaten marijuana butts left by previous campers.

Boone could barely stand and, after several hours, began to shake violently but Alonzo says he was back to normal within a few days.

Maricle notes cases of marijuana toxicity can be fatal to small dogs.

He says unlike cigarette butts, which are mostly ignored by dogs, man’s best friend seems to like pot because cases of poisoned pets are climbing. (CFJC)