Do the esteemed academic elite at the University of Victoria know anything about this mass butcherer of his own people,……including what students did to their esteemed teachers, under the re-education of Mao Zedong??

“Mao called upon the masses to “educate and liberate themselves.” At first that meant intense discussions, angry words and inflammatory posters, but it soon developed into a massacre. At a party for one of his birthdays, Mao raised a glass and toasted “The unfolding of a nationwide civil war!” The war he inspired pitted the masses against leaders of every class and children against their parents.

Lin Bao, a hero of the revolution in the 1940s, agreed with Mao that the nation had to strike down “all the old ideas, old customs and old habits of the exploiting classes,” forgetting that those elements were the fabric of civilization. He called for new ideas, customs and habits, but didn’t say where these were to be found.

Discussions turned into riots and criticism led to witch hunts. High-school students, given Mao’s instructions, humiliated their teachers in “struggle sessions” and then often killed them, sometimes by public decapitation. Workers who resented their bosses rose up, displaced them, listened to their pathetic apologies and sometimes did away with them. Literature and religion were old ideas, therefore libraries and temples were destroyed for the good of the revolution. Professors who continued to respect tradition were re-educated on farms, shovelling manure for years as they re-learned Marxist truths.”