Holland, the country of my birth, a land once renowned for it’s strong Christian faith, has become a country dealing out death to it’s citizens.

Maybe it was inevitable, once Holland became the place, the avant garde place to go in Europe if you wanted the ultimate in liberation,……freedom from all sexual constraints, out with the old moral values, in with unfettered prostitution, drugs and general godlessness.

The wages of sin is death, and death is now galloping through the once free lands where Christianity was more or less the norm.  Assisted suicide according to Andrew Coyne, ….“in Belgium and the Netherlands – where the numbers of those euthanized annually has skyrocketed, and where it is now available not only to children and the mentally ill but for the relief of all manner of ailments…….”

I will copy a letter sent to the National Post by Dr. Steve Samuel, Toronto, titled, ‘Killing is easy’:  May 19, 2016

“It takes years of extensive education and training to become a physician, whose mission is to treat disease and alleviate suffering.  Anyone can be taught in a few minutes how to kill.  If Canadians want assistance in dying there is no need to coerce their doctors to be their executioners.”

But like the evil of abortion, there will be plenty of easy money for those who heartily get on board this dark journey of death.