Last week a friend came by to visit for a few hours, so we asked if she wanted to come for a walk in the neighbourhood.  Someone had just given her a walker because of some knee problem and she had this in her van.

The EVOLUTION WALKER is a marvel of DESIGN.  It is light-weight, adjusts to the perfect height for the person.  The Evolution Walker has good brakes, allows the person to sit down any time they’re tired on a comfortable and sturdy seat.  The Evolution Walker folds up beautifully and fits easily into even a small car.

We were able to go for a nice long walk together and at our usual pace because of this incredibly useful and well-designed assist for our friend’s injured knees.

How interesting that something so clearly DESIGNED, using tremendous skill and intelligence and quality materials, should be given the name ‘Evolution Walker’.

Evolutionists DENY the existence of a Divine Designer.  Evolutionists attempt to indoctrinate humanity, made in the image of the great Designer, that they just stumbled and bumbled their way up to their present beauty, wonder, complexity and intelligence.  All accidents, mutations, survival of the fittest, oh and untold billions of miracles that we never see, of simple things pulling up their little sockies to become bigger, better, more beautiful and more complex.

Evolutionist insist we all got here by a process that is clumsy, wasteful, destructive,…. mindless materialism that somehow came into existence from nothing, from nowhere, and with no guiding hand to assemble matter into ME.

Evolutionists say we cannot allow a divine foot in the door of our origin story.

Ah, but the Evolution Walker, so clearly designed to assist people, to make life easier as they DE-VOLVE, ……. well no fool would ever declare the Evolution Walker to be  the end product of ………evolution.

Evolution is so fraught with happenstance, luck and mindlessness that this marvel of creativity would never have been designed to help our friend walk with ease as her earthly frame draws nearer to that day when she, like all of us, will stand before the judgment seat of God.

Then we will all know the story of evolution is a fraud, perpetuated by the enemy of our souls, a lie, designed to keep us from seeing the God of all glory.

It is my longing that God will use my life to help people seek the Lord, while He may be found.  “The entrance of Thy Word gives light.”  and Jesus is the light of the world.