Richard’s review:  Todd S. Beall is a strong conservative Hebrew / Old Testament scholar whose work I’ve been enjoying a lot as I prepare to teach on Genesis 1–11 in the fall. (At Willingdon School of the Bible.)

Here’s an article of his, on marriage and family, just published recently through Answers in Genesis:

For sure, don’t miss his seventh point and conclusion.

“While there are some positive examples of marriage and family relationships in Genesis, there are far more examples of problems caused by man’s disregard for God’s precepts. Frankly, rehearsing all these negative examples of even some of the greatest OT saints can be quite disheartening. But what is amazing about the Scripture is that God’s grace continually shines through man’s sin. In particular, with respect to marriage and family in Genesis, principle #7 is that God’s grace shines through broken family relationships. Yes, there is punishment for disobeying God’s precepts, but God continually makes something good out of something bad.”

Very edifying presentation!

(Beall contributed a chapter to the book Coming to Grips with Genesis, edited by Terry Mortenson and Thane H. Ury.)