It’s been like pulling hen’s teeth to get this document.  For those of you who did not have the fun, (and hard work) of growing up on a farm,……..

Exceptionally rare, as in On a rainy night, taxis are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Since hens have no teeth, this term in effect says that something is so scarce as to be nonexistent. [ Mid-1800s ] The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary.

The document provided by katherine (bottom of post) is only the offer to buy Ledgeview and according to previous data the sale happens in June of 1980, but it’s good enough for me.  If anyone needs more solid confirmation, go ahead and search the registration papers to see this covenant for themselves, but this is good enough for me.

I had come to wonder if  the whole ‘in perpetuity’ thing was a convenient contrivance to let the golfers keep Ledgeview no matter how much it cost the taxpayers of Abbotsford.  Since I never objected to anyone playing golf, but do care a lot about integrity in government, it is a huge relief to finally get this document.  Will post a bit of the correspondence with Katherine Treloar, the City of Abbotsford communication’s officer to provide context.

However, it still seems like spin-doctoring to call the MOU with Kinder Morgan….. Community Benefits Agreement……Nor for that matter should it ever have been called a gift.  This deal with KM was negotiated and hammered-out over a two year period.  The wording is tightly crafted with the help of lawyers, so why would the City then present an airy and altered version of something that is clearly not a gift,

but a “mutual non-binding understanding and intention”.  

That is the unambiguous wording of the MOU that Mayor Henry Braun signed.  He did not sign anything called a ‘Community Benefits Agreement’, though that is what he now writes on his personal blog.  

  • On February 15, 2016 the City of Abbotsford signed a $1.3 million Community Benefits Agreement with Kinder Morgan Canada to assist with an upgrade to the Ledgeview clubhouse.

That certainly is the SPIN Kinder Morgan/Trans Mountain wants to put on their MOU, but disingenuous spin is what this is.

I’m not saying anything here about the rightness or wrongness of KM’s expansion.  It is clear, honest government that I want.  Mayor Braun signed the MOU on a Friday at Ledgeview,……..BEFORE the council voted on the decision the following Monday.  KM made hay with that signed MOU.  Mayor Braun repeatedly called it “a gift”.

Who deliberates, and negotiates, with the help of lawyers,  for two years no less,….in order to simply give someone a gift?  And this is only the dangling hope ……of getting $1.3 million towards a club house,…. some time down the road.  Not a gift Mayor Braun.

The man who showed so much promise as a councillor has been a sad disappointment.




Hello Gerda,

I have attached the agreement document you reference in your first bullet point – please see the last paragraph which I believe addresses your questions as well.

In relation to your second bullet point, the term Community Benefits Agreement is consistent with Trans Mountain’s program outlined on their website here: and is used in the City’s information to ensure that residents can easily access information on both the program and the City’s information. As an example, a quick Google search provided the following results:

I hope this information is helpful.



From: Gerda Peachey []
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2016 1:27 PM
To: Katherine Treloar; Tyler Olsen – Abbynews;
Subject: Re:

Thanks very much Katherine:  I’ll include Tyler in my questions here.

Forgive my dull-wittedness, but can you spell out what this paragraph means?

  • When the District of Matsqui purchased Ledgeview, a component of the agreement was that the property be maintained as a golf course for public use for the term of ownership.

Does this mean that Ledgeview can be sold?  What is meant by ‘the term of ownership’?

As you reference ‘the agreement’, I assume that you have that agreement in your files. That is what I have asked for a number of times over the past years, so would again ask for a copy of that very specific document.

Not that I think the City should sell the golf course the minute the newly-signed lease is up, but rather that there should be complete transparency about our ownership and our limitations.  Ultimately the public who pay the bill are the owners and ought to be trusted with accurate information about their assets.

One further thing.  I’m a bit concerned about the impression of spin happening.

In Tyler’s article about the club-house fire he called the Kinder Morgan deal the same thing you call it on your web post,………”community benefits agreement’.

  • On February 15, 2016 the City of Abbotsford signed a $1.3 million Community Benefits Agreement with Kinder Morgan Canada to assist with an upgrade to the Ledgeview clubhouse.

Here you even Capitalize that, as if it is the proper, legal, official title.  But actually no such words even occur in the entire MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING with Trans Mountain Pipeline L.P.  Perhaps you can give some rationale for this public revision of the document, as well as provide a copy of the agreement specifying any limitation on future use of the Ledgeview property.

Thanks,   Gerda


Hello Ms. Peachey,

Thank you for your email.  For your information, there are some facts about Ledgeview posted on our website here:

I believe the information on this page may help with the clarification you requested.



Katherine Treloar, MBA, IAP2

Director, Communications, Marketing & Strategic Planning

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From: Gerda Peachey []
Sent: Friday, April 22, 2016 4:24 PM
To: Bill Flitton; Tammy Ketola; Katherine Treloar

Hello Bill and Tammy:

Thanks for the documents you sent.  There appears to be a discrepancy between those and information in the Abbotsford News article (about Ledgeview clubhouse fire), and the original purchase price of the property in 1980.

The difference between $415,200. and $1.1 million is a significant. The higher figure, which Katherine Treloar gave Tyler Olsen, seems to make more sense for such a large parcel of land.

I try to be accurate in anything I write so I phoned Katherine yesterday. I have not yet received a response.

The information you gave me satisfies the central question as to whether Ledgeview was gifted and bound to remain a golf course, or whether the place was bought and paid for.

Maybe Katherine will be available on Monday to send me the information she gave Tyler.

Given this was an FOI dated Feb. 28th, I sincerely hope this request for clarity be be simply provided, rather than treated as a new FOI.

Thanks,   Gerda

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Offer from Matsqui  to Purchase Shares - Feb 27 1980