Now they are happily married.  It pays to put God first in your life.  And maybe someday you too will write a 411 page thesis.



Richard Peachey  – The other day, while looking online for material related to the early chapters of Genesis (for a course I’m scheduled to teach in the fall semester), I came across a 411-page doctoral thesis by John L. Ronning. <>

The thesis is an exploration of how a single verse, Genesis 3:15, is handled in the rest of the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, and throughout church history.

Having never heard of Old Testament scholar John Ronning, I went to his CV on page 398 of his thesis. This fascinating personal statement was embedded there:

In 1988 he met Linda Whitaker while the two were in prison for peaceful actions taken to rescue the unborn from abortion in Atlanta. They were married later that year and now have four children.


LINDA GIBBONS, a woman of rare courage and conviction has spent at least ten years in prison for peacefully protesting outside abortion clinics. That is more jail time than most child molesters serve.

What an upside-down world.