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It seems $30,600.000. won’t buy a thing that enables you to build, repair, maintain or clean housing for you and your family. It will only buy you despair, hopelessness, apathy, abuse, idleness, illness and complete and total dependence on other working Canadians to keep you from the cradle to the grave. another injection of $30,600,000. will work this time.

From the National Post April 16,2016:

How much the federal and provincial governments spent on Attawapiskat in the 2015 fiscal year:

$21.7M from Aboriginal Affairs.  $6M from the government of Canada. $1.2M from Health Canada, and $1.7M from Ontario gaming facilities.

Divide $30,600.000. by an estimated total population of 1,800 people means every man woman and child should have $17,000 annually.  That amount is not money earned by those who live in Attawapiskat, it is money sent to them by the labour of the rest of Canada, but these folk are allowed to earn money beyond those government funds.

Labour!  That is what is most startlingly missing.  I knew a first nations woman who was 38 years old, with a dreary present and a dismal future stretching ahead of her.  She told me she had never ‘worked’ a day in her life.  By ‘work’, I took her to mean paid work.

Its so obvious that the government of Canada is harming this people group by pouring billions of unaccountable public monies into something appallingly bad. Reserve life is rarely healthy.  The norm is unproductive lives and general squalor in the houses and lands.

It is not more money that is needed, but rather radically less money.  If people are hungry they will begin to rouse themselves to a higher level of productivity.

Boredom?  Nothing to do?  So of course I must turn to drugs, alcohol, make more babies and if all these don’t work to alleviate my misery,…….end it all.

Their grandparents suffered so forever on, we will all join first nations in a massive pity party.

The Nazis occupied our home and terrorized our village in Holland in 1944/45.  Guess that qualifies me and my siblings to demand life-long sympathy and non-stop welfare for the rest of our time on earth and then on to our offspring.

Worse things by far have been done to people throughout time and continue world-wide to this day.  But the answer is not in self-pity, and staying in the past.  People have to pull up their socks and move on.

I say all those folk who demand we continue this disastrous pity-party and flow of hard-earned tax dollars to increase do not love first nations people at all.

Love helps people to rise up, walk, work and feel good about themselves.  Welfare debilitates and should be kept for real physical and mentally needy people.

These pictures of Attawapiskat look pretty much like a lot of reserves.  No effort at taking care of themselves.  Sadly the lists written by the residents  as how they hope to turn this disaster around has little, or nothing to say about getting out the hammers and nails and lumber and paint brushes and brooms and soap and shovels and seeds,…….and seizing hold of their own lives.

Grow a backbone government leaders and put a stop to this decades-long train wreck.  Please help these people to help themselves by cutting off the flow of money that keeps them so weak.   –  Gerda