Posted with Don’s permission

From: Don Gibbs <>
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 4:31 PM
Subject: A serial sex offender in our midst!
To: premier <>, “deJong.MLA, Mike” <>,, Darryl Plecas <>, Rich Coleman <>

My name is Don Gibbs and I live at 27692 Joanita Place in Abbotsford, just down the
street from the home where serial sex offender James Conway has been placed.

In case you are not aware, Conway according to the Abbotsford Police, “has a long criminal history,
with convictions for a range of offences, including sexual assault, sexual interference, arson, mischief,
failure to comply with a court order and breach of recognizance.
”   Despite this, he was
secretly moved into our neighbourhood by a combination of government agencies including
BC Corrections, BC Community Living and a private company, WJS Canada.  None of
these entities had any intention of informing the surrounding neighbours that a serial sex
offender was being placed in our midst.

Imagine the fallout if Conway had slipped out of the home and molested one of our neighbourhood
children.   Ask yourselves, who in our government would take responsibility?  Probably no one,
so why is this mentally challenged degenerate being placed in any residential setting?    Do the
rights of a serial sex offender take precedence over the safety of our children?

Fortunately one of our neighbours found out about Conway’s presence, and our community has
ramped up awareness and vigilance.   Unfortunately however,many negatives go alone with that.   One person,
a single female, has already sold her home and moved away.  Others are talking about doing the same
if an upcoming Abbotsford Court Case to move Conway from our neighbourhood is unsuccessful.

As this is a Provincial matter I am asking each of you to give this issue serious consideration.  Please
support the City of Abbotsford and their ability to enforce their own zoning bylaws.   This issue should
never go to court.  It should be strongly suggested to BC Corrections, BC Community Living and WJS
Canada that Conway be moved out of this Abbotsford community and placed in a location or
institution where no families will be impacted.   As our elected officials, you are the ones who
can make this happen!   Please do something about this situation and do it soon.

Don Gibbs   (on behalf a very angry and frustrated Bradner neighbourhood)