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From: Gerda Peachey <gerdapeachey@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 10:49 PM
Subject: You who govern our lives need to intervene in the matter of Corrections releasing and housing “high risk to re-offend” sexual predators into our communities.
To: premier <premier@gov.bc.ca>, “deJong.MLA, Mike” <Mike.deJong.MLA@leg.bc.ca>, simon.gibson.mla@leg.bc.ca, Darryl <Darryl.Plecas.MLA@leg.bc.ca>, ed.fast.c1a@parl.gc.ca, Jati.Sidhu@parl.gc.ca, Rich Coleman <rich.coleman.mla@leg.bc.ca>

Why do you allow Corrections/BC Housing, W J Stelmaschuk and Associates,IMG_1883 Ed Holroyd and Brian Vos continue to profit from renting a Bradner home to a dangerous sex offender,……in direct violation of Abbotsford zoning bylaws?


Once I had  friends who were severely annoyed by some government policy and declared they would not pay taxes until the thing was put to rights.  Well guess what?  The very powerful force of the government  swept my friends paltry resistance away.  No fuss at all.

I notice that government can make decisions costing the public vast sums of money, with barely a second thought.
I don’t need to tell you that you are at the top of the heap.  You are in control of this province, this country.  You are the bosses.
Why then is it so hard for you to step in and do what is so obviously right in service of the people who collectively work to keep our country solvent.  Why can you not work to keep these people safe?  You have the money.  You have the staff, the police, the power.
You know that James Conway is a man who has a low IQ and an out of control lust for little children.  You know he was having sex with animals already as a teen.  You know he has several arson charges against him.  You know he is a high-risk to re-offend.
How much does it cost us, the people who must pay for all your decisions, to rent the home of Brian Vos in Bradner?  How much does it cost to have a full-time keeper, Ed Holroyd, and Abbotsford Police response to monitoring alerts,……..all to watch over this man who cannot be trusted to control his sexual urges?  Does BC Housing get paid, as well as W J Stelmaschuk, as well as Brian Vos?  How much does one dangerous man cost when you chose this type of housing for him?
If James Conway is so much of a danger, why do you not inform BC Corrections that they are absolutely wrong to place men like this among citizens going about their daily lives, who now must radically alter they way they live in order to protect their precious children from a sexual predator living among them?
Help James Conway.  Keep him where he will be housed and fed and helped to overcome his crimes of opportunistic predation, if such help is possible.  But do not imprison all of society by allowing such dangerous men to roam freely among us.  The words “high risk to re-offend”  clearly means DANGER to vulnerable victims.  Do not release “high-risk to re-offend” sexual predators.  Keep them under institutionalized restraint, for the protection of us all.
It is absurd that you allow scoflaws to thumb their noses at laws, zoning laws, by-laws,……to drag out their wilful violations before courts, thereby further adding to the tax load on citizens who must continue their daily routine, no matter how much you, the governors fail them.
Abbotsford Mayor Braun and the city lawyers assert that Brian Vos is NOT allowed to use his property to house James Conway, and the other sexual offender living there.  So then what is holding you back from simply enforcing the law?
If this was something IMPORTANT TO YOU,……..it would have been done yesterday.
Gerda Peachey,   Abbotsford.