It’s 11:49 on March 25th.  Good Friday.  Or is it?

My friend at our music jam always mourns the coming of this day because our coffee house jams always get cancelled on this day, and he loves the jams almost more than he likes anything else in life.  So my friend always declares this to be “Bad Friday.”

But it really was a bad Friday for Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  On this day his earthly life was cancelled out, and He died not only a terrible cruel and painful physical death,  Jesus took on Himself the sin of all of humanity, from creation past, to His present day, and beyond to you and me, and all who will follow us.

“If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross.”

But Jesus did not call the host of heaven to save Him, and because he endured that cross at Calvary, it is a Good Friday, for you, if you will take Him into your heart by faith.