University of the Fraser Valley students would do well to expand their understanding of the Holy Land beyond the narrow BDS promoting nonsense presented to them last evening.  (The moderator proudly advocated his ‘boycott, divest and sanction’ zeal.)

Before you watch the sanitized UFV offering, perhaps you should spend a few hours watching this series of historic coverage. 

The movie shown to students and the public was utterly sanitized of any wrong-doing on the part of Israel’s neighbours, but focused on the story of Palestinian Christians.  There is no reference to the violence and aggression that makes Israelis fear, and fight for the very right to exist.  Obviously in the context of so much strife, the Jews do not always come out with clean hands, but to completely leave out any reference to the attacks of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, against Israel, is to engage in historic revisionism on a vast and deceptive scale.

The so-called ‘discussion‘ to follow the film was not worthy of the name.  The moderator essentially allowed those favourable to his obvious bias against the Jews to speak, and gave short-shrift to dissenting voices.

Education this was not!  An attempt at indoctrination it was.

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