(Hi Cherylene.  Further to      https://gerdapeacheysviews.wordpress.com/2016/03/10/gardasil-at-525-per-child-no-wonder-merck-wants-to-force-hpv-injections-into-little-children/    I will write my thoughts in purple and italics and hope that shows at your end, for clarity.)

Hi Gerda, as a Public Health Nurse, I’d like to respectfully enter into dialogue with you on this matter. Firstly, your comment about Gardasil CAUSING 32 deaths….. Causality versus contemporarity (two events occurring close to the same time) is very important to distinguish! You could also say Water CAUSES cancer… I’m sure that anybody who has ever just been diagnosed by cancer has drunk a glass of water just days even hours before their diagnosis! When you calculate the 32 deaths in the US that may be linked to the Gardasil vaccine you also need to take into account the 35, 000, 000 doses of vaccine given out in US (prior to Jun 2011) as per this infographic of US CDC results http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/…/is-the-hpv…/. This means that the 32 deaths that are possibly linked equate to 0.0002% of the shots given which could even be due to anaphylaxis itself. Here is another number that has a direct cause and effect: “About 1,500 Canadian women are diagnosed with the [cervical] cancer annually, 380 dying from it.” (quote taken from the above national post article that you highlighted.)        ( I’ll answer these as a layman, but using causality to dismiss any purported deaths is just too easy an out.  It’s kind of like someone who gets bludgeoned but only succumbs to his injuries a month later, so the thug’s defence lawyer claims that really it was the victim’s heart problems that took him out. No amount of evidence would ever be enough if causality can be too easily invoked.)

About your point on governments making Gardasil mandatory for school attendance, I politely ask for your source on this. (http://gutenberg.us/articles/Gardasil)


I am curious if you are accessing a US source?    (The gutenberg link is mostly US, with a reference to Canada as well. Last Saturday I asked Mike de Young if the BC Government is now, or is planning to fund these shots in our public schools.  He said he did not know, and would get that information.)      Public schools in BC have not (in my knowledge) nor will not (in my opinion) anytime soon make vaccinations mandatory for attending public school…. and even if this were considered, why not start with a Pertussis or Measles vaccine which are FAR more likely to be contracted in a classroom setting. Canada is FAR more conservative than the US in approving vaccinations to the Canadian public system, we are slow to uptake vaccines as BC Center for Disease control does CAREFUL safety reviews and watches trends/side affects in the rest of the world and we have STRONG Canadian beliefs in the voluntary nature of our public program and parents and students’ right to informed choice.     (This issue is not about vaccinations, but certainly shows that Canada may be rapidly moving away from conservative positions, and dangerously ready to disregard the rights of parents to informed choice.           http://calgaryherald.com/storyline/this-opinion-piece-is-on-the-new-gender-guidelines-for-alberta-schools-remember-that-while-youre-reading-it-opinion-piece  )

About your strong point “YOU, Gregory Poland, and your employer Merck seek to undermine the development of children by implying they cannot and will not become masters of their sexuality”….. I have two comments….. Firstly, the national post article you posted DOES point out that Gregory Poland probably has a bias due to his work with the pharmaceutical company Merck….. but do you also see who funded the “study” that was pulled from the journal? A US organization “that mostly funds research on purported vaccine safety problems….” so he was paid to find a vaccine safety problem…      (Dr. Poland receives funding from Merck, and the men who question the grandiose claims about Gardasil also get some funds to enable them to do research and publish their findings.  So then what differentiates between the nay and yay camps?  I would suggest the difference is not in the quality of their scholarly abilities, but rather the enormity of the money behind them  Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld did not get his degree out of a popcorn box,    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf8sw3n7xrE.  but Merck can BUY all the experts it needs to refute the few men who have the courage to stand against Merck.  ‘For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert’, but we do well to listen to the few voices that dare to take on the giants.  Monsanto, by sheer power manages to crush every little voice that tries to be heard.)      and further more, he’s had his research questioned in the past by two VERY reputable organizations: “his research…. has come under question before, with the World Health Organization and a U.S. Centers for Disease Control committee publishing tough critiques.” Secondly, the whole PREMISE of immunizations is that we expose the body in order to build up immunity BEFORE an exposure occurs… that’s why if you’re travelling to a country where Typhoid is endemic, you receive your Typhoid vaccine weeks, months before you travel so that you build antibodies. In no way is giving the Gardasil vaccine in Grade six any commentary on the child’s sexuality! In fact, it could possibly be seen as acknowledging that we believe these to be the ‘innocent’ years before a child involves in sexual intercourse….. research also tells us that between the ages of 11-14 a child’s immune response is excellent for building antibodies that will last through to their adult years and from a Public Health Operations perspective it is also when we are giving out other important vaccines (like Men C booster to prevent bacterial Meningitis) in the school system so it saves our public on important nursing time and Health dollars to do it at this age.   (

Although Wikipedia MAY be a source for some information and may even contain health information from reputable health sources such as BC Center for Disease Control or WHO, I would consider going to straight to the source and not just through Wiki……. Like Health Canada: http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/…/hc-sc/2015/56240a-eng.php

Or BC Centre for Disease Control http://www.immunizebc.ca/diseases-vaccinations/hpv

As the bottom line, as parents it is always our duty to weigh up risks and benefits for our kids and for their future health…. should I or shouldn’t I strap them into their car seat, should I take them to the doctor, should I limit their sugar and say no to Pop? In Canada we enjoy a well-researched, easily accessible, voluntary, Publicly funded immunization program that protects us from multiple serious illnesses. Is any vaccine ever risk free? No, there will always be those chances of an adverse reaction or most seriously a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)….. but this could happen with antibiotics, herbal remedies and even food itself that we take into the body. But I believe very strongly in the checks and balances that go on to ensure the safety of vaccines and in BC’s strong monitoring or all immunizations and adverse reactions that occur and are reported back through our system. Thanks for your time.   (Here I’ll insert my friend’s email as she has done enormous research on the question of how we medicate our children, and so speaks with far more wisdom than I can:                                                                                                                                                                      ……”very good:  and no liability on any vaccines in Canada or US since 1986.  big pharma went to Reagan and said, “we want liability removed”–and he did.  

it was after this that autism, allergies, etc. started to increase–and more vaccines started being rolled out
when they say “no fault compensation” that’s not exactly correct–in america the people go to kangaroo court, and go through utter agony, and any compensation comes from tax dollars that people themselves pay on the vaccine
in canada, we don’t even have kangaroo court
shaw and lucija are amazing humans:  they’ve been very helpful with the work we are doing for kids suffering with life-threatening food allergies which aluminum is playing a role

so, anyway, even though the idea of vaccination for many illnesses is a good one, you are shouldering all the risk.  
not to mention the insanity of things like gardasil “)