A friend writes, in response to https://gerdapeacheysviews.wordpress.com/2016/03/10/gardasil-at-525-per-child-no-wonder-merck-wants-to-force-hpv-injections-into-little-children/

.”…..very good:  and no liability on any vaccines in Canada or US since 1986.  big pharma went to Reagan and said, “we want liability removed”–and he did.  

it was after this that autism, allergies, etc. started to increase–and more vaccines started being rolled out
when they say “no fault compensation” that’s not exactly correct–in america the people go to kangaroo court, and go through utter agony, and any compensation comes from tax dollars that people themselves pay on the vaccine
in canada, we don’t even have kangaroo court
shaw and lucija are amazing humans:  they’ve been very helpful with the work for kids suffering with life-threatening food allergies which aluminum is playing a role

so, anyway, even though the idea of vaccination for many illnesses is a good one, you are shouldering all the risk.  
not to mention the insanity of things like gardasil.”