I received this from an invertebrate biologist whose specialty is parasitology. Click on the link to see several CT scans of a bumblebee brain, plus a writeup.

(The pictures shown below come from elsewhere.)  –  Richard Peacheyimages-39.jpegUnknown-18.jpegimages-41.jpegimages-39.jpegUnknown-17.jpeg





The brain of the bee is composed of a mere 950,000 neurons (nerve cells), 0.01% of the neurons of a 3-pound human brain. Using this tiny bee brain and associated vision, bees have been able to solve complicated color puzzles and even recognize human


faces. They do this by using their 6,300 ommatidia that comprise the eye.


Bees have also been created with the ability to distinguish up to 300 separate flashes of light per second, an attribute they use as they rapidly fly over the changing landscape.

No sane adult would believe that the toy, or the car came about by chance, without the intentional design and manufacture of an intelligent creator.  But you, my fellow traveller on earth, have been relentlessly lied to, from your youth, to believe that the bumblebee, and you,………have no amazing Designer.  You have been fed the fable of an evolutionary ascent, that simply does not hold up to scrutiny.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.  And you can know him and walk in His light.

Ask God to show you that He exists, and that He loves you and desires only the best for your journey through this life, and eternal life in His presence.  Ask the Lord to show you which is more amazing,…..the toy transformers, the car, or the bumblebee and you.   The answer matters more than any other question in your life.   –   Gerda