Maybe pre-signing is done often, to facilitate the schedules of the signatories, and maybe the Council could have voted against accepting $1.3 million dollars for a new club-house at Ledgeview Golf course,……..but this leaves a yuck impression about the integrity of our city council.


I used to think people should attend council meetings from time to time, just to stay informed, and also to remind mayor, council and staff that they do not operate in a vacuum, they are there to serve the people who pay their wages.  But most people said, essentially, ……”Look I only have so many hours in a day.  I need time after work to be with my family, volunteer, do chores, or just rest.  I pay taxes to three levels of government and should be able to trust them to fulfil their end of the deal.


And besides, they say, what’s the point?  Council decisions are made behind closed doors, the public meeting is just a show.  Window dressing, that’s all it is”
When Mayor Braun emailed Lynn Perrin  on Friday to tell her council would be discussing an MOU for a clubhouse, on Monday,……….He had already signed the MOU.
Below is correspondence from Lynn:
The video of Braun and Anderson was filmed on Feb 12 and the vote was in Feb 15. Anderson says that the MOU was signed the day of the video.
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