(Posted with Eric’s permission)

How did it go Gerda?


As you know, I am 100% for building this pipeline.


I am also against underhanded negotiations such as you infer. For this reason I not only question companies and government, but also the definition and (veto) power of  “stakeholders”. As previously stated, when it comes to my property, there are no stakeholders, only shareholders as determined by myself.


I have lived within sight, smell and walking distance of the Trans Mountain Tank farm since 1978, driving by it almost daily. I have not suffered due to its presence, nor do I fear, despise, covet or otherwise abhor it. People who work there are part of the economy that makes me value where I live.


The attachment to this email provides a well-researched view of the “negotiation and review process” for these types of (capital) projects.


In its attempt to thwart human progress and destroy wealth, environmentalism is hands down the most despicable player in any process.



Eric van Steenis