On February 15th PIPE UP director Lynn Perrin led a delegation to the Abbotsford Council explaining why accepting 1.3 million from Trans Mountain to build a new club house on Ledgeveiw Golf Course is a terrible idea. 

Regardless of Lynn’s strong argument, pointing out that it is in essence accepting a bribe for support of the proposed project and insulting to those in the community directly affected and opposed to the project, the council voted almost unanimously to accept the MOU. Patricia Ross was the only council member to oppose the MOU.

This MOU states that Abbotsford will only see the 1.3m if the proposed expansion is approved, and states that Abbotsford “…agrees that prior to making any public announcements regarding this MOU…it will provide a copy of said announcement to Tran Mountain for approval”. This is not democratic.

The PIPE UP Network is prepared to get Abbotsford to rescind this MOU, as we did at Kwantlen Polytechnic University last year, but we need your help.

Next Monday February 22 @ 3pm we will be meeting at Clearbrook Library to organize our campaign against Abbotsford’s MOU.

Come learn more and get active