……Abbotsford Mayor and Council say so.

And so they accepted the ‘not’ bribe.  With the exception of Patricia Ross, council voted to accept Kinder-Morgan’s gift in exchange for an MOU.

Now I’m confused.  Mayor Braun read us a well-prepared script in which he emphasized that the Kinder-Morgan pipeline decision will be made by senior government, which we all know is true, …..sort-of.  I mean if every single village and town along the proposed expansion was in agreement and approved of KM, we could expect senior government to deny the proponent’s request,………….?

No, of course not.  If KM can persuade everyone along the way, senior government will follow.  Now there is nothing intrinsically wrong with doing the ground-work, getting all their ducks in a row.  How else would a pipe-line ever get built over such a long route.

But I am puzzled.  Council rightly says the final decision is not theirs,  but then why sign a document offering a lucrative gift in exchange for a mere ‘piece of paper’?  I suggest that a Memorandum of Understanding is a POSITION OF NON-OPPOSITION, a muzzle, a tacit approval, all of which is troubling given the rather serious nature of unresolved problems with KM’s response to previous damage done to properties.

Lynn Perrin did a really worthwhile presentation to council this afternoon (Feb. 15), in which she pointed out that if KM is approved there should be compensation given to all properties along the route,- automatically.  Not dependent on MOUs negotiated like this.

In the foyer a fellow asked if KM is a Canadian company, to which someone replied, “The profits flow to the American owners, and the oil spill costs and clean-up are owned by Canadian taxpayers.”

In the light of that, we should question council assertion that Ledgeview is a jewel that should be first in line for a ‘gift’ from KM to compensate for the disruption KM will create for golfers.  This golf course is beautiful, and apparently we should be glad that world-class golfers start their careers here.  Well should Abbotsford taxes pay for the upkeep and enhancement of a golf-course, and is that the number one priority need of our city if Kinder Morgan expands it’s pipeline?

Abbotsford owes Lynn Perrin a debt of gratitude for the herculean work she does in research and reading of documents.  Without people like her, democracy can just slip through our fingers.  Come next municipal election, this town should beg Lynn to run for council, and ensure that we get her at that table where so many important decisions are made, on our behalf,…… but not always for our good.

Later today I’ll post the council video which is about ten minutes of quality information by Lynn and some good points raised by Ross. unnamedLonely Lynn in the Lion’s Den