God, the eternal, only Lord and creator of the universe does indeed love us, His creation.  Our heavenly father sent Jesus, His only Son to be born of a virgin, live humbly among us, and at 33 years of age, to set His face to Jerusalem, where a cross of death awaited Him.  Jesus, God incarnate willingly laid down His life to bear my sins, and yours, on His own sinless body.  He died so that we might have eternal life.

Salvation is a gift, but it is not cheap, and it is not meaningless.  God is holy and those who have been born again by His holy Spirit must strive to live holy lives, by his grace at work within them.  “The Father himself loves you, because you have loved me.”  – Jesus

What the Alberta school board is jamming down the throats of parents across the province is enough to make an elephant retch.

There is nothing right, or good, or pure, or clean, or lovely, or uplifting, or noble,  – about what Rachel Notley and her NDP want to force into the minds, and ultimately onto the bodies of vulnerable children.

When children go out the doors of their homes, and off to school, parents have a right to expect that their precious young will be protected by teachers and staff paid to teach kids knowledge and skills needed to equip them for life.  Now Premier Notley wants complete control over the most important and sensitive aspect of a child’s development,………….REGARDLESS of the values held by that child’s parents!  That would be the people who conceived and bore the child and sit through the night with their ill children, sacrifice their strength, personal pleasures, finances and time for the greater love they have for that child.

Rachel Notley and her ilk want to mold children who belong to others,  born and raised by others, into their perverse image.

No child should be indoctrinated to focus on sex, anywhere, anytime, with anyone, anyhow,…….. the way Notley and Education Minister David Eggen seem bent on doing to Alberta children.   This is horrible and to claim that is is only about love, love, love is the most pernicious lie, from hell.  Let children enjoy the innocence of childhood.

Love is real, and it only emanates from the heart of God.  Jen Gerson appears never to have read the Bible, or she would see an entirely different God.  He is not who we might want Him to be.  He is who He declares Himself to be.  And he has much to say about sin that keeps us apart from Him and about holy living.

Read the Bible Jen.  Then talk to us about the evils of filling the hearts and minds of our children with things that defile and destroy them.  All of us were young and we all developed at different speeds, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Adults who love kids strive to protect and shield every aspect of the child’s journey to maturity.

Jen Gerson objects to Notley and Co. being compared to Hitler and his Gestapo and SS.  Okay, if Notley and her NDP surge ahead with their intent to re-shape children into their perverted image, and suppose a few brave parents object,………will the jackboots come and remove the children from these unfit parents?

How will the NDP educational goals be implemented?  Chilling prospect.