The LOUVIN BROTHERS, beautiful harmony in life-giving songs.  In the first song, Ira and Charlie, many years ago ask,……. when our children go wrong, do we wonder why.  That was long before the vilest of imagery and ideas were made accessible to any child, of any age, at the click of a button.

There is some hope in the new Trudeau government when we listen to MP Karen McCrimmon, who seems to comprehend the danger threatening to erode the morals of our youth.  “My son is older now, but I saw some of the video games that his friends were playing.  Mums aren’t supposed to see that.  It was terrible.  No wonder there’s a change.  And I’ve talked to women who are in [the military] today and who’ve been in for 20 years and they tell me it’s going backward……………Then go have a look at some of the video games – you’ll be horrified.”

Wilt thou be saved, oh why not tonight?