A friend wrote to enquire as to the source of my information on this blog post,..https://gerdapeacheysviews.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/paris-3000family-of-fouryear-is-what-justin-trudeau-just-promised-to-give-china-and-other-developing-nations/

………….I did not credit my sources because the numbers are gleaned from ongoing radio and newspaper coverage.  My sense is that the numbers, the values, the dollars, the time-lines being touted to justify massive transfers of wealth from successful democracies to less than desirable governments is downright destructive for the sending nations and will do nothing in countries where people have little freedom for their own creativity and drive to succeed, and where transparency in government spending does not exist.

The IPCC computer modelling is fraudulent and flawed, something the expose of the leaked emails made all too clear.

But my primary source of information comes from my morning paper, the National Post’s, and CKNW’s coverage of world events.  And some first-class letter writers on the subject of global warming/climate-dhange.

–  Peter Foster, (Posturing toward Paris with good hair) – Financial Post, Nov. 25/15

–  Michael Hart (Taxing carbon would be taxing) – FP, Nov. 26/15

– Ross McKitridk, (So much for the science) FP, Nov. 2615

– Raymond de Souza (The religion of Big Government) – Michael Den Tandt, Nov. 30/15

– Jason Fekete, Nov. 30/15

– NP Editorial (Climate windbags) Dec. 2/14

– Andrew Coyne (Warmer Earth revolves without Canada’s help) Dec. 1/15

– Matt Ridley and Benny Peiser,- (Your Complete Guide to the Climate Debate) – Financial Post, Dec. 1/15

– Patricia Adams,- (China’s climate power game) – FP, Dec 2/15

(There are lots more but THANK YOU to this friend, because as much as is within my ability, I want to be accurate, and to give credit where credit is due.)  –  Gerda

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Can you send a link to the news source?


I know of this one:




But that’s $2.65 billion over 5 years, and is merely an increase (ok, doubling) of what the Conservatives were already doing.