Our new prime minister, a very wealthy man himself, has just blithely promised to send $2 billion/yr (upping by 1% of GDP after 2020) to China,  and other models of open, just, benevolent countries.  China currently the major smog-maker on earth. China, the communist country that fudges it’s reports and has NO restrictions even being asked of it until 2030.

China and India boldly build new coal-fired power generation, increasing their CO2 emissions, while our western leaders promise to give them $100 billion by 2020.

Our ‘share’ first goes into general funds, greatly increasing the pot for Ottawa.  Then as these phenomenal amounts get sent to countries rife with corruption at the top,…… what do you think happens to that lovely stash of cash?  Does anyone seriously believe that the poor and the needy in third world countries will see any benefits from the money extracted from beleaguered Canadian taxpayers?

As we read varying reports about the ridiculous party in Paris, the only thing that is clear is that all the spouting about who emits what, and how many dollars everyone should give – or take from one another, is that all of this is done on the backs of envelopes.

Real science, thankfully keeps jets in the air and boats on top of water.  This endless babble at enormous cost to all the poor working blokes around the world is not science at all.  It is an unbridled attempt to extract ever more money from the working public, and to exercise ever more control over the ordinary man’s life.

Paris, 2015 is about bigger government, higher taxes and less personal freedom.

Prime Minister Trudeau pretended to care about middle-income families, and sadly the country bought his little pretence, and gave him a majority government. But before any of his wild spending-spree hits us, there are oh so many families in Canada who barely make it from pay to pay.  We do not, and cannot, know what the future holds, whether the economy tanks or recharges, but this new PM devoid of real financial worries makes a dazzling declaration in Paris.  Our purported 1.6 percent contribution of total global carbon emissions will be generously over-compensated by BILLIONS.  Maestro!  Strike the band!!

I fought the Battle of Sumas Energy 2, for six years, beginning in 1999.  Richard came on board a bit later and booked off work whenever the National Energy Board held hearings.

Once I did a rough calculation of gas, meals, couriers, phone bills, hall rentals, photo-copies and lost wages and estimate the SE2 fight cost Richard and me some $8,000. over that six year period.  But neither of us ever regretted the time or the money spent fighting what was a very bad deal for British Columbia, and specifically for Abbotsford.

For me the whole thing was an almost vertical learning curve but I spent entire nights reading the binders that arrived by courier, so that I could do a cogent argument before the NEB.  There were many hearings, and many sleepless nights for me.

Looking back over the material is somewhat humbling now, because I certainly was not always the brightest bulb in my opposition to this US power plant.

But the journey was invaluable and gave me, and all the participants, a pretty good look at a world that certainly I had never bothered to look closely at before.

The thing that became very clear early on, and that I believe we see in the Paris pretence is that politicians rarely care about anything bigger than themselves, and that they rarely hurt their heads in an attempt to really understand the details of band-wagon issues.  It is enough that the little people have made it into a big band-wagon and the survival instinct of politicians is to scramble on board, at that point.

There were two local men, in the battle of SE2 who showed themselves to be refreshingly real and quality political leaders.  The media, usually wants a neat story-line with an identifiable hero, or heroine and they settled their story early on.

Conversely, locally our biggest hero had to be reporter Trudy Beyak of the Abbotsford News.  She got her teeth into this deal, flushed out the facts and kept the issue in our faces.  Phenomenal work.

Our battle had real heroes alright, but they were not the ones crowned by the big media.  Here it was many, little, unimportant people who saw an injustice, a danger, a sneakiness that looked like it was all signed, sealed and delivered, behind our backs….and the little people joined the foray with whatever meager talent or strength they could muster.

Most politicians involved in SE2 were unprepared and insubstantial.  This, what was for me, an intense battle, makes me now far less inclined to take polished political rhetoric at face value.  http://www.canada.com/vancouver/theprovince/news/story.html?id=0c512fd7-39d0-48c1-81b8-7ad65a30d9e2

I don’t believe most of the self-important leaders or most of their tax-paid entourage in Paris understand what they are talking about.  But I do believe their lack of comprehension is going to cost the free, market-driven, successful democratic countries of the West, dearly.