Response to my atheist friend:    Maybe the humble worm busy aerating our soils among all those teeming microorganisms, understands our awesome God better than 73 percent of American adults.

“WE WIN!!!!

A survey by Pew Research Center reports that up to 73 percent of American adults under the age of 30 accepted that the evolution process is a reality. Interestingly, 51 percent accept evolution without a guiding supreme being – meaning a large proportion of young people are moving away from organised religion altogether. Give it up Gerda you lost this one. Pick a battle you can win.”

SO SAYS MY ATHEIST FRIEND.      Is he right to think that God, the eternal one, the creator of the ends of the earth, the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient only Lord of time and eternity, the Alpha and the Omega relies on popularity polls for His existence? Does the Lord of glory leave the room when He gets voted off the show?  To be a born-again, child of the living God means,……….you have to believe,……in Him, in His Word, in His truth, in His love for you.

To believe in the theory of evolution means,…… have to believe,…that:  You, your town, your country, your world and every mountain and ocean and your sun, and your moon and stars, and the planets, and everything in the entire universe was compressed into a single proton.  Hhmmm, a proton is smaller than an atom, and you can’t see an atom with your best glasses on.  Now how did Mt. Everest and all those planets get jammed together into an invisible proton?  But you believe.

But hard as it was to cram all that matter into a single proton,……IT…… exploded!  And unlike any explosion you have ever personally witnessed, you believe this explosion was different, miraculous you might say. This explosion did all kinds of fabulous things you have never seen.  It organized and arranged and reworked it’s particles until it became this most astounding universe of rhyme and reason and design and beauty and complexity. (I still remember the pyrex bowl I left on my stove.  And then my Dad,….his job besides working our farm, was setting dynamite in a stone quarry.  So I thought explosions broke things apart, smashed things, destroyed things.)  Really almost miraculous your ‘BIG BANG’, you have to agree.  But you believe.

Now it was all dead material at first, and we are very much alive, and we share this lovely earth with very much alive flora and fauna that miraculously emerged from non-life.  (That kind of flies in the face of every know law of science, …..but, oh well……) You believe.

And then little Protolife grabbed itself by it’s little sockies and determined to become bigger and better.  And it did, by golly!  And it’s courage and stamina infused all subsequent offspring to go out and do likewise.  You believe.

Don’t you wish you could figure out how to just will yourself into some fun new form, like maybe evolve eyes in the back of your head, and how about a set of wings? That would be nice.  That would be kind of miraculous, but hey, kabillion life forms transformed themselves into greater and grander creatures.  Try shutting your eyes real tight and chanting, “Magic words of Poof Poof…….”

Oh I forgot that all took time.  Lots of time, million, billions of years of time.  So sure, no one was there to observe or record those miracles, and sure we can’t replicate any such transformations in the laboratory.  But we  know it is true, by faith.  We believe. 

Evolution is not like any other of the hard sciences.  It is not observable, repeatable, falsifiable, we simply believe it.  TIME was the magician. The alternative is found in the revelation of God, the divine creator, The One who calls us to obedience to his perfect and holy will.  NO, no says the atheist, anything but that!  We cannot allow a Divine foot in the door of our mortal lives.  God is for the feeble-minded religious type.  We atheists believe in science, not religion.

Isn’t Evolution something!

So I have a few questions for my friends who believe so deeply that,….. first there was nothing, – then it exploded, who believe that contrary to all known laws of nature, life arose, by chance, from non-life, friends who believe that despite spending untold amounts of public money to try making distinct types of living things evolve into other ‘kinds’ of living things, we can’t make it happen, but it did happen, because we believe it did.  And besides our academic elite say it is so.

Given that the supposed early earth was rather large, as it still is today,….how did it come about that boy species just happened to arrive at their stage of evolution in exactly the right place, and the right time as the girl species, who had evolved to be just exactly the perfect mate so that the two of them could have babies?  Simple you say, why it was by asexual reproduction.  Okay, try proving how ‘simple’ that is.

Given that evolution is an unguided, purely materialistic, blind, random, no intelligence needed process, well then how come all those living things, like us  humans, and all those mammals like cats and rats and elephants keep showing up so balanced, you know, two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears, all so extraordinarily balanced.  Almost as if some master designer was involved!?If evolution has no need of a guiding hand, why this balance, this repetition in nature?  And why don’t we have millions of kinds of living things heading off on their own evolutionary tract? If all life today is the result of billions of mutations, incremental changes, this world should be crawling with myriad weird and wild things.  But that is not what we see.  Mutations might make superficial changes but mostly cause harm.  NEVER do mutations improve the creature’s ability to survive and reproduce, and nowhere do we see any creature exhibiting a viabledeparture from it’s kind.  See Richard’s article on Sickle-cell anemia.

So I got thinking what an amazing world this would be IF there were a divine Designer.  We know that some insects live only days, or even mere hours once they emerge in their adult form.  So finding the exact same insect of the opposite sex has to happen real fast.  What if poor insect gets eaten by a predacious bird or reptile first.  Tragic end to the family tree.  Now IF an all-wise creator existed, maybe He could do this,……Mimicry in insects  (The study of symbiotic relationships and mimicry in nature should fill us with wonder at the work of our master creator)


And I got thinking about soilsyou know, mud, earth, the lowly stuff you walk on, and throw seeds into and expect them to grow stuff for you.  Well soil, as it turns out is teeming with billions of microscopic life forms.  That is BILLIONS of weird and wonderful living things in ONE tablespoon of rich humus soil.  And some of those little wonders only live for a few hours.  And plant life depends on organic soil, and we depend on that complex, (still not clearly understood) process of photosynthesis. Wow, real life looks a whole lot more miraculous than the myriad miracles found in fairy tales told by evolutionists.
Maybe the humble worm busy aerating our soils among all those teeming microorganisms understands our awesome God better than 73 percent of American adults.

In fact you, dear reader, are infinitely higher than a worm, so if I were you, no mater how low I was feeling about myself this minute, I would ponder myself and consider  that He says He created me in His own image.  If I were you, I would kneel in awe before the God of all creation because He says He loves you and wants you to love Him too. And God says he will forgive all that you have done wrong, in your whole life, because Jesus, His only Son died to pay the ransom for your sinful deeds.  Jesus says that if you BELIEVE IN HIM,  He will give you new life, He will fill you with His holy spirit, and He will take you to live with Him forever when you die.

God or evolution? Both require faith.  The data points to masterful artistry, care and design.  There is no empirical data to back up the fanciful ‘just-so’ stories of evolution.  The answer as to who you believe matters for all eternity.
Narrow is the way that leads to life, and broad is the path that leads to destruction.  The way is narrow because there is only one name by which we can be saved, and His name is Jesus.