Our ordered, comfortable lives in western civilization are eroding faster than anything we’ve seen since the last world war.  It’s a good time not to be a world leader because the wisdom needed now demands at least a biblical Solomon, and not many of us are there.

People who argue against opening our doors to refugees are right to wonder how many terrorists will use this massive flood of humanity to wreak havoc in the free West.

But how can we not help people  who live under such incredible threats of murder and mayhem in their own countries?

It’s really hard to see how we can absorb thousands of needy people when we can’t resolve the thousands currently living outside, in the cold and rain all across Canada – this minute?

But that problem could be fixed if Government paid elected politicians and civil servants wages and benefits more in line with average earnings in the private sector.  The disparity between government and private earnings amounts to legalized theft now.

Money does indeed flow from taxpayers to projects designated to alleviate poverty among the homeless and first nations, but way too much gets siphoned off the top by grubby hands.  Government oversight has for years been lax so that ‘non-profits’ like the Portland Hotel Society could lavish money on directors.  Similarly, First Nation chiefs pay themselves obscene amounts of money while their people languish in rotting dwellings, inadequate services and abject poverty.

So we could resolve most of the obvious needs of the genuinely sick and helpless in Canada, but for greed, indifference and mismanagement of the public purse.

And IF justice and honesty were the hallmark of government, the country is large enough to absorb terrorized refugees and give them a helping hand to start a new life here.

What is needed is a clear understanding of the basis of our democratic freedoms, and the courage to hold all citizens and newcomers to that standard.  If a flood of refugees demands that Canada alter the fundamentals that make this such a desirable refuge from terror and tyranny, we need men and women who will not compromise for the mushy inclusiveness that has come to dominate too many of our leading ‘thinkers’.  Sharia Law, as an obvious starter must not be given a toehold in Canada.  This would bring to our free and open democratic system a theocracy that is utterly repressive to women.

I’m an immigrant, from Holland.  I’ve lived most of my life in this wonderful, spacious, breath-taking beauty and freedom.  I’m also a Christian, who knows,……… “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein; for he has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the rivers.”   So I have never quite been able to think that Canada belongs to ME, even though my Dad got citizenship for our whole family early in the 1950s.

However, the world does belong to God, and those frightened, fleeing, destitute families also belong to our creator and Lord.  And the God who has shown His mercy and love to me, also loves those refugee people, most of whom hail from Old Testament Biblical lands.

So while the refugee crisis is a logistical dilemma needing Solomonic wisdom, I’m going to pray that God will provide the world with the compassionate and wise leaders we need to solve the human tragedy on display before us.

Here’s another article of the many being written that opens our eyes just a little more to the scope of refugee needs:   http://bigstory.ap.org/article/bbd78379ec134780a1f3fe28b44a9d08/balkan-immigrant-rail-tracks-follow-old-orient-express