LETTER TO MY ATHEIST FRIEND,  whose name I will replace with simply ‘Friend’.

Friend:  What a lot of work these ‘researchers’ went to to prove something.  Absolutely no bias on the part of the researchers of course.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time with children, both in secular and religious contexts.  Based on ‘simple’, real-life interactions I will tell you that a lot of money is spent to research and produce scholarly junk.
There is really very little difference between most kids.  They are all on a journey of discovery and exhibit generally the same good and bad features of little humans finding their way.   Your touted researchers contrived study is a load of bunk.
You spend a lot of time dumpster-diving to convince yourself that all faith in God is negative.
Do you really believe that you personally are more decent, kind, generous, wise, ……or whatever than all the Christian men.   History amply supplies us with examples of saints and sinners across the spectrum of the religious and the irreligious.
(In answer to his critique of me personally)…….. there are many wonderful Christians, who are not like me at all.  In fact I would never suggest that anyone use me as a great example.  I am saved because Jesus Christ gave his life for me, as He did for you.  I am saved by his righteous life and sacrificial death, precisely because I am not able to be righteous and holy in myself.
So when you look at my not so fabulous character, you see a saint.  A saint is anyone whose sins are forgiven, because when God looks down on me, He does not see my abject failure, but the purity of His Son, whose blood cleanses, washes away our failure and filth.
I am on a journey that will culminate only at my death.  I assure you that before giving my life over to the Lord, my character was a lot worse.
In your linked article I notice a reference to perceived self-altruism that does not match actual giving on the part of Christians.  Well then all is right with those believers since Jesus says not to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.  Like don’t blow your trumpet before you drop your alms in the temple.
You’ve railed against the churches for leeching off the public purse.  Well as I said earlier, let all such tax-exemptions cease.  When we got married some 40 years ago, Richard said he did not want to have tax receipts for any money we gave to any person, church or charity.  I questioned him, reasoning that any money saved on taxes meant we had more to give to those in need.  But Rich said it was far better to just follow the will of God and let Him be our guide through life.  So that is how we have conducted our affairs and while not rich by western standards we have been wealthy is myriad different ways.
That is probably true for a large number of people who love God more than the praise of men. (So there should be no trace of the money Christians give to those in need.)
Friend, I hope someday you will ask God to show you his great love for you.  The stuff you fill your mind with is obviously biased.  If a man calling himself a Christian does something horrid your web friends are all over it, and if the charge is true the guy should face the law.  But be honest enough to admit that proportionally many evil things are done by atheists.
I had a long-running conversation with an atheist on creation-evolution.  The guy would insist that I answer his many scientific-sounding assertions, “in my own words”.  But I’d always told him that of necessity I rely on others, though I do have plenty of thoughts written in my own words.
He kept demanding that I respond to his long quotes, while never giving a thoughtful answer to any response I gave him.  Overall there was a strange lack of cohesion in this guy’s stuff, so one day I captured about five of his long, learned-sounding paragraphs and fed them into google-search.  The result was really shocking.  Not only had this guy lifted them verbatim from somewhere else, with no quotation marks, no acknowledgment or credit to the author, BUT SO HAD A LONG LIST OF OTHERS BEEN USING THE SAME QUOTES, AND PRETENDING TO BE THE AUTHOR.
But hey, atheists have no moral compunction to tell the truth do they?  Your crowd tries to convince itself there is no God, no judgment, no eternity.
But darn, as long as there are true believers out there we feel uneasy, (those annoying Christians). So hence the need to mock, deride and hopefully extinguish faith in the living God, so that we can erase the uneasy still small voice in our soul.