Richard, in my unbiased opinion does a superb job explaining the creation/evolution debate.  He brings some of the more complex stuff down to layman’s level.

So this Saturday afternoon come to Willingdon and spend a few really enjoyable hours, pondering probably the most important issue of your life……….Did a loving all-powerful God create you in his image, to walk with you for all of time and eternity,……….or are you nothing more than an accidental freak of mindless materialistic processes?

No God, no meaning, no purpose, no hope of attaining holiness?  Majestic creation or godless goo?  There are powerful evidences for God, and against the theory of evolution.

Which story is true.  Come listen and ask your questions too.      –    Gerda



You are invited:

Date:                          Saturday, November 28, 2015

Time:                         2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Place:               Willingdon Church, Fireside Room

4812 Willingdon Ave., Burnaby, B.C. V5G 3H6

Telephone:            604-553-0771  Barb Churcher


If you would like to contribute to our snacks, to add some variety, that would be wonderful and most appreciated!! If you do decide to do this, please email me to let me know. And please bring it ready-to- serve if it is bought.

Richard Peachey will be here, IN PERSON, to talk to us about the following:

With each of the two topics shown below, Richard is including the web-based “pre-reading” article — in case anyone is inclined to think about a given topic beforehand. (The pre-reading is not “required”!)

(1) How to respond to Christian critics of creationism.

             Suggested reading:

Spencer Boersma, “Why Genesis One Does Not Teach Creationism

Richard Peachey, Response to Spencer Boersma

(2) “Big Bang”: The Implausible Explosion!

             Suggested reading:

Big Bang: The Implausible Explosion!

Creation, Evolution, and Speed-of-Light Problems

About Our Speaker:

Holding academic degrees in science (biology and chemistry) and theology, Richard Peachey is a retired science teacher in the Abbotsford public school system.  For five years he was engaged in a preaching ministry with a church planting work in B.C.  He is past vice-president of the Creation Science Association of B.C.

There will be a Question and Answer time, and refreshments.

Unfortunately, GEORGE PEARCE, with his book/dvd table, will not be able to join us for this meeting.

Please feel free to invite anyone you feel may be interested in coming. 

No RSVP needed.