Thank’s to Abbotsford Mayor Braun and council.  SHAME on BC Corrections.

And thanks to CTV for their reporting on this foolish government decision to release ‘likely to re-offend’  sexual predators into our communities.  What child will be next?  Why would any sane person give light sentences to men who so badly hurt our children, then IF they catch them, release these out-of-control time-bombs to prey on little kids again?

How many children are silenced by the shame and horror of the trauma,  so that they don’t even tell anyone what was done to them?  We had an old friend who was raped as a child.  He never got married and  relived that terror in nightmares, until finally, death set him free.

How much does it cost to have this level of police oversight?  Why would you not keep such men secure behind bars until, and unless there is a cure, a healing of their twisted minds?

If there is no outcry from the populace, would you even have this much monitoring, and how long will such oversight be taken to ensure no more children,- ever are molested by these predators?

In the case of James Conway, he doesn’t care anyway,……. just ignores the conditions placed on him.

Someone from BC Corrections once told me that they are bound to keep silent, but that staff are at times horrified when twisted, vile and dangerous men are silently slid back among unsuspecting people.

Maybe BC Corrections should be reigned in, if they have lost hold of common-sense and concern for the good of society.  Gerda

Email below from DON GIBBS:

Hi everyone,

Kim (Iverson) and Jim Markle were on CTV news this evening in a newscast video about the City’s
efforts to close down the Halfway House.       Way to go, Kim & Jim!!

Click on the following to watch the CTV News Video………….(there is a short commercial first, then the video)


(And this is a post from Bradner’s protest Facebook)……

We are starting to figure out who all the players are that are responsible for moving Conway into our community. They include of course Brian Vos, who rented his home to a halfway house where serial sex offender James Conway now resides. Then there is the Judge who released Conway, even though he has repeatedly violated conditions of his arrest. Her name is Judge Ellen Gordon. I would say more about her, but she would probably throw me in jail! Then there is BC Corrections, who handle criminals but quickly contract out the dirty work to organizations like WJS Canada, so that they can say their hands are clean! But Corrections did approve the location, without considering the families and children living nearby, the remoteness of the location, the distance from the nearest police station, and the lack of cell phone communication facilities. And the final group is WJS Canada who were paid to take on responsibility for Conway. They paid the landlord a “top” rental dollar, and then installed Conway into Brian Vos’s home. We now hear that WJS probably with Corrections behind the scenes are challenging Abbotsford’s ruling that the location violates our City’s bylaws. In effect WJS are fighting to keep Conway in our neighbourhood. We will be adding more details upcoming about each of the groups and people mentioned above.