Our Federal election was on October 19/15.  I worked the election, supervising four advance poll days, and supervising again on general election day, so stayed non-partisan during that period of time.

Richard. despite my attempts to change his mind, refused to exercise his right to determine who will lead the country.   He said none of the candidates was worthy of the position.  But I am much more pragmatic about politicians.  For one thing, I’ve run for local government, simply because that gives me a bit of an opportunity to profile areas of concern (to me at least).  But I am also keenly aware of how inadequate I would be for the job, (as sincere and zealous as I might be), if by some amazing turn of events, I ever did get elected.

I voted for Ed Fast, Conservative, and am happy he’s one of the few still left standing across Canada.

So on October 20, Richard asked me if I was grieving.  I didn’t have to ponder even a second to answer, “No, but I am not celebrating either.”

Stephen Harper may have had many virtues, and he may have done much good for Canada.  And I think the man has been viciously and unjustly maligned over the years.  But I have always been ambivalent about him, and in the end I simply cast my vote for the best of a rather bad lot.

And that’s because the Conservatives were not conservative enough for me.  It all started downhill when Stephen Harper assured the country that they could TRUST HIM,………not to allow the question of a lawless state of abortion to continue unabated under his reign.   And he kept that promise.

I would never want to live under a theocracy.  It’s been tried in the past and is currently on display in strict Muslim countries.  Faith in God transcends party politics.  Belief is a matter of the heart and mind and soul and is, first and foremost, a vertical relationship with our creator, sustainer and ultimate Judge.  A genuine trust in the one and only God of the universe transforms the believer.  It’s a journey full of mountaintops and valleys and everything in between, but if we love the Lord that base line will steadily rise higher, and we will become more conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

I’ve rarely met a Christian who claims they have arrived at a state of perfection, but that’s the whole point of Jesus incarnation, life, death and resurrection.  Jesus, God incarnate, had to die for the sins of the world.  We sinners could never enter the presence of a Holy God, without our sins being washed away, by the sinless one, who gave His life to set us free. But from that point of conversion, and faith in his redemption, we are a work in progress.

So I never expected the Prime Minister to preach sermons and enforce church discipline on secular Canada.  BUT, if a candidate touts him or herself as being a born-again believer while stumping for votes, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that faith in God to be evident in the over-arching business of governance.  You look for something higher, purer, more courageous, more humility, more kindness, more wisdom, given that a Christian should ask our sovereign Lord for wisdom in all of life’s decisions.

Abortion is a serious moral problem.  The message from Ottawa is that sex is mere entertainment and if a baby results, why, just destroy that new life.  All medical doctors and nurses know that is the beginning of a brand new human being,…. in the continuum of life.  So it encourages men to see women as mere objects to gratify their lust, ….. and get rid of the product of my selfish actions.  Abortion forces women to kill their own babies. It makes them agree that they are only useful objects to serve the desire of selfish men.  Abortion leaves deep, long-lasting scars on the psyche of women.  Those feelings are often repressed but they will not be denied and produce many symptoms, while the root cause is kept buried.

Abortion has serious medical consequences.  Hospitals do not even allow the cause of complications or death due to abortion to be shown, (so I have been told).  Instead they concoct some other category to hide the true picture.  But besides reading their tragic stories, I have met some of the women seriously wounded in body and soul because they gave in to the pressure from their ‘lover‘, or their embarrassed families to just get rid of ‘the fetus’.  Thoughts of suicide, intense grief at what would have been the baby’s birthday, or the abortion date, alcoholism, drug use, depression, inability to trust men and often difficulty in forming a solid marriage.  Not the end of the list, but I have met some of these women plagued by the demons of their abortions.

Women have been lied to, and Stephen Harper, rather than face electoral defeat on the issue,  soothed the so-called ‘pro-choice’.  Definitely not pro-baby, and not pro-woman.

(Barbara Kay here on Abortion and breast cancer:   http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/barbara-kay-hard-truths-about-abortion )

While most of a politicians decisions must be secular in nature, his/her inner moral convictions must guide those decisions, otherwise there really isn’t anything genuine about their stated religious belief.  And there are times when government dabbles in what are clearly morally-charged matters,…… like the decision of the state to condone the life or death of infants in the womb.  Call it a baby when it is wanted, and do all that is possible to save a baby in distress during pregnancy, or pay a cold-hearted ‘doctor’ to salt it out, or dismember it.  Just so long as it is dead upon leaving the once safe nurture of its mother’s womb.

Abortion on demand has horrifying social consequences, not least the growing euthanasia calls.  Inconvenient little humans, burdensome old people and soon a wide-open field of anyone in between, for just about any reason.  How hard will it be to push vulnerable, (unwanted) less than perfect, momentarily sad people to buy into the evil of assisted-suicide.

Another clearly moral subject:  I expect nothing morally good from the leadership of Justin Trudeau, a man who gaily skips down the street of a major city, along with nude men, celebrating ‘Pride’.

Pride in what Mr. Trudeau?  In lewd behaviour that should have had those men taken off the streets in paddy wagons, for exposing their private parts in public?

So while I feel the Conservatives were not conservative enough, I have no expectations at all for a morally upright government in Ottawa, for the next four years.

And so back to Richard’s question.  No, I’m not mourning.  I still believe our democratic system worked.  There may have been some election fraud here and there, but by and large I believe this is a wonderful, safe and fair system.  Elections give every citizen eighteen years of age and older the freedom and privilege of choosing who will rule over them.  Canadians want Justin Trudeau to lead them, then so be it.

What never changes is God.  And no government rules without His permission.  That is sometimes hard to understand, but throughout the Old Testament there is no doubt that God allows the people to have harsh rulers, unjust rulers, weak rulers and sometimes, a King David, under whose reign the land has peace,  prosperity and justice.

The pattern is clear, He uses the hard times to turn His people back to Him.  Maybe the Liberals will show themselves to be wise, just and Godly rulers.

That would be very nice.