Justin Trudeau is taking all the Premiers and their entourage to Paris.  A high-flying gala to discuss ‘climate-change’……….while a swelling number of needy, homeless Canadians rot in their own filth.  Hope you have a swell party dear leaders.  Raise a glass to the homeless,…… if they should cross your minds.  Maybe you can bring them home some hints on ‘Etiquette for Street Dining.’  

Perhaps this is Justin fulfilling his promise of meeting the needs of the ‘middle-class’  –  Gerda                                                                                                                  images-1http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/premiers-paris-climate-summit-1.3285247

(A friend wrote, re: Mark Rushton’s opinion piece about the homeless and about options for temporary and permanent camps around the city)……  “there would be a return of the cycle of garbaging the accumulated “stuff” on the lot, with the resulting threats and police calls and reports and customers and workers returning to carrying weapons with them to feel safer.  Drug deals, hookers plying their trade right there in plain view in the parking lot, and so on.  The last round of “occupation” a few years ago saw the complete vanishing of sympathy from both customers and employees in that area.  …….  It would be a war that nobody wants but would be forced to engage in.”

(Comment on the recent court decision to allow people to camp in public parks.)  “I am very opposed to a location that close to my home.  It would not be long before our subdivision becomes as victimized as the poor residents living near the Sally Ann.  And the duty-free shop so close by means there would be a constant flow of drunk and homeless pedestrians past our houses.  Would we raise a stink about using Buckerfield’s or any place close to our home and work?  You bet.  So there’s the dilemma.  If I support a camp somewhere else then I’m asking for someone else to put up with that which I refuse to and I’m sure this is the sentiment of many others in our city. We can support a camp in principal but cannot accept the fallout personally.  What kind of a parent and homeowner would I be if I did nothing to prevent such consequences in my own neighbourhood?   It’s a no-win situation for all sides.”
“So here’s the thing: I can’t feel a victory re the court case.  I also can’t fault people – in fact, I am in awe of them – for trying to find a place for the homeless and ill while they wait for services that don’t exist, but it’s a vicious circle that will not end.  I wish I could be hopeful that public involvement and sympathy could change the day but, for me, the reality of the current provincial government and the uncertainty of the new federal government does not give me any hope, and now with the attack across the street from the Gladys camp that sympathy will be in short supply . The only thing I see as being a solution – not a bandaid, a solution – is services.  Detox, mental health services, counselling, meds, medical assistance, all available with little to no delay.  The city cannot provide any of those things – they can only advocate to deaf ears – and those services are the absolute key to solving this horrible situation.  BUT THE SERVICES DO NOT EXIST!”
“All the money and time spent and I feel as if we’ve gotten nowhere and the suffering for the ill and homeless and homeowners and businesses will continue, same as before.”