(Go to Kevin’s Twitter if you want to see his camera capture the woman who sprayed him in the face.  It’s awful and warrants a serious jail term for this woman.  I don’t care what excuses she hauls out for her wretched life story.)

Two of my friends have been solid supporters of finding homes for people camping around Abbotsford.  They have given money and time and energy, and relentlessly advocated on behalf of the homeless to both local and provincial politicians.

I’m grateful to them for their genuine charitable efforts.  Me, I just don’t understand how an affluent first-world country like Canada can have so many men and women living in open squalor.

Today’s court decision, …..  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/homeless-in-abbotsford-bc-win-right-to-camp-outside/article26906948/    probably will do little to elevate the lives of the poor, and likely serve as an encouragement to more of the people who will think camping out on public land is a great way to save on paying rent for a few months.

We’ve got old unused buildings in every city.  Why not do the bare necessity of renovations to create adequate shelter for absolutely every genuinely needy fellow human being and flat-out forbid this squalid ‘camping’ on land that belongs in the public realm and the frequent trespassing we see on private lands as well.

Not many years ago we had ‘No Vagrancy’ laws.  That is what is needed again, along with detox for addicts, good food for the hungry and safe beds for the weary who don’t have anything to call home right now.

There is so much money being poured into middle-men/women and agencies and so pitiful little fruit to be seen in the impact on the truly needy people living in ever-swelling ranks among us.  Brian Hutchinson did a great job of investigating the lavish -living executives of the Portland Hotel Society, the compassionate Mark Townsend and his wife:  ……”

How could anyone see the spending of Portland Hotel Society executives as anything other than the outrage that it plainly is?

Staying at the Plaza Hotel in New York? A bill for $230 to get your hair done before a presentation? A cruise down the Danube? A houseboat in Wales? The dinners, the flowers, the limousines? All of it billed through credit cards back to the not-for-profit-society.” – Stephen Quinn

Then there was Jenny Kwan and her once-husband who also enjoyed the use of money ear-marked to help the down and out among us.  Jenny’s punishment??  ……  Why the NDP,…… you know, those people who love to portray themselves as really caring for the needy,….those folk who sing the praises of socialism, equality for all, and tear down the rich 1%….well the NDP taught Ms Kwan a lesson in moral consequences, they just voted her into office and for the next four years she will represent them in Ottawa.  Oh the suffering.

This morning I was driving to meet my two friends at the Salvation Army on Gladys Ave. as they wanted to be among their street friends when news of the court decision would reach them.  En route I caught sight of a woman doing something to photographer Kevin MacDonald, and heard him ROAR, …..twice.  I saw an object go flying across the pavement so somehow translated that into thinking I’d just witnessed her smashing the front lens off Kevin’s camera, and that his roar was one of rage and dismay at seeing thousands of dollars of his life-work equipment shatter before him.  As others were there I drove on to my appointment and phoned The News when I got home to let them know I would lend my voice to his dilemma, if he needed another witness.

But actually the woman had pepper-sprayed the poor guy in his face, in his eyes.  http://www.abbynews.com/news/335308581.html

My two friends decided to give a donation and join the free lunch being served at the Salvation Army.  I heard some aggrieved comments around the room, good food that could easily have been wrapped in napkins for later use, left for the garbage.  Saw volunteers offer a lot of sealed juice bottles and yogurt to the people there, and the only peep of gratitude was from a woman who is not homeless but lonely and probably a poor financially.

The homeless steal bikes, grocery carts, anything they want from the second hand shops, (who would freely give the stuff to them) and somehow find enough money to keep themselves in cigarettes, booze and drugs.  Just ask the residents around the new proposed 30-bed shelter near Pine and Maple why they dread and oppose their future neighbours.

Mush-headed concessions do little to help them up and out of this awful lifestyle.  And now it seems like they just lost the good-will of a hard-working photographer.