Mushrooms of the Fraser Valley of BC – picturesDSCN2886 (1)IMG_9374IMG_9410IMG_9450DSCN2827DSCN2842 IMG_9323 DSCN2917 DSCN2924 IMG_9314 IMG_9266 IMG_9391 IMG_9429 IMG_9466 DSCN2923 IMG_9325 IMG_9225There isn’t much that stumps Al or Jude Grass about the abundance of life growing in our beautiful province of BC.  And spending a day with them and a group of naturalists is a privilege and a pleasure.

The province is bursting with mushrooms.  Take lots of pictures now – then spend the winter months learning to identify these wonders of nature.

IMG_9419IMG_9453IMG_9458DSCN2853IMG_9385IMG_9418IMG_9457IMG_9368IMG_9415IMG_9440DSCN2840DSCN2879IMG_9316IMG_9258IMG_9287IMG_9268DSCN2912DSCN2906IMG_9263IMG_9294DSCN2896IMG_9246DSCN2893IMG_9282DSCN2883IMG_9318IMG_9303 (1)IMG_9297IMG_9245IMG_9365IMG_9438DSCN2861DSCN2829IMG_9359IMG_9412IMG_9435DSCN2865 (1)DSCN2831IMG_9411 IMG_9432 IMG_9452 IMG_9460 IMG_9402