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All these photos were taken in this past week, today being Sept. 25/15.  The link below is a good start for mushroom identification, but not complete.

While some mushrooms can be eaten, many are not edible, and some are deadly poisonous, so I leave the experts to dine on them.  It’s simply a real pleasure to find them, photograph them and have the challenge of trying to identify them correctly.

We took a mushroom ID course at Capilano Canyon many years ago, and the one thing I remember is our instructor telling us that BC’s leading mushroom expert died,……….eating mushrooms.  So never eat a wild mushroom unless there is a certified guide eating them first.

Wild mushrooms of BC
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 Bracket fungus IMG_8825IMG_8860 IMG_8809IMG_8690 IMG_8867 LichenIMG_8736 IMG_8744 IMG_8797 Fly AgaricIMG_8816 IMG_8837 IMG_8734 A BoleteIMG_8743 IMG_8792 IMG_8815 IMG_8835 IMG_8729 IMG_8740 IMG_8791 IMG_8814 Turkey TailsIMG_8822 IMG_8713 IMG_8737 IMG_8787 Vine Maple IMG_8819IMG_8806A bolete and Amanita  IMG_8714 IMG_8739 IMG_8818 IMG_8866  IMG_8801 IMG_8817IMG_8650 Witch’s butter IMG_8590 IMG_8568 Why Red Alder is called ‘red’. IMG_8492 IMG_8658 IMG_8622 Lesser DuckweedIMG_8608 IMG_8591 IMG_8573Angel Wings  IMG_8503Turkey Tails IMG_8661 IMG_8626Enchanter’s Nightshade IMG_8594Oyster Mushrooms IMG_8577 IMG_8558 IMG_8534 IMG_8633 IMG_8617 JewelweedIMG_8602 IMG_8586 IMG_8564 Vine MapleIMG_8537 IMG_8491 IMG_8581 IMG_8536IMG_8554Western Toad

My advise:

DON’T EAT ANY OF THESE WILD MUSHROOMS.  Just enjoy their beauty.