IMG_8351 (1)IMG_8379 IMG_8225 James Conway is over 6 foot tall, over 200 pounds, a repeat child sex offender, a repeat arsonist, convicted of bestiality in his youth, said to have the maturity of a 7 year old.  Deemed an OPPORTUNISTIC PREDATOR, deemed a HIGH-RISK TO RE-OFFEND.

Conway has used the uniform of a policeman or fireman to gain the trust of little children, so that is pretty calculating.  

Why does James Conway not have a Federal prison sentence, of longer duration?  If it is at all possible to heal this man of his horrible habit of going after children, then put him safely behind bars and provide quality programs to help him change.

But if James Conway cannot be changed, then he must not be freed to wreak havoc in more lives.  When a child is molested the damage is terrible, and often scars for a lifetime.  The child’s parents, family and friends are profoundly wounded.

I have met a lot of women who sank into self-loathing because of sexual abuse in their young lives.  Some make it through as stronger and more compassionate human beings, but for others this is the start of hell on earth.

As I listen to the Bradner folk, what comes through very clearly is that BC Corrections tries to keep communities in the dark about the presence of sexual predators in their midst.

Whose child is dispensable?  Why does a walking time-bomb get put into communities……EVER?  If a man (or woman) cannot be trusted to this extent, there is only one solution, KEEP HIM IN PRISON.

BC Corrections uses an agency, (WJS Canada) who finds houses for men like Conway.  Brian Vos, is the homeowner.

“In British Columbia, it is important for consumers to know that while sellers and licensees representing sellers are required by law to disclose material latent defects affecting a property, they are not required by law to disclose the existence of possible stigmas that might be of concern to specific buyers. Therefore, British Columbia buyers, who are concerned about certain possible stigmas in regard to a property, are responsible to conduct their own investigation which could include inquiries of licensees who represent them or direct inquiries of the seller or licensees representing the seller.

When asked by their client, a buyer’s agent must make the appropriate inquiries.

When asked about the possible existence of stigmas that might affect the property the seller, or licensees representing the seller, may:

a) answer the question directly; or

b) decline to answer the question and advise the buyer to conduct their own investigation

I made an error in an earlier version of this post. Realtors, according to the above, do not have to volunteer disclosure to prospective buyers around this property that a sexual predator is living there.  Mr. Vos does not have a business licence to operate a half-way house on land zoned agricultural/residential, and Mayor Henry Braun says the city will ask BC Corrections to move James Conway away from this community.  

But what community?  Bradner is a lovely rural community and those people seem equally nice.  No one thinks a man like Conway should be free to harm ANY child,………anywhere.

How much does BC Corrections pay the middle-man agency to place sexual predators in our midst?  How much do we, the tax-payers, pay to have a live-in keeper for men like Conway?  How much does it cost our city to regularly send police officers waaaaay out in north-west Bradner?

Why is it not obvious that repeat, uncontrollable sexual predators belong behind bars,……for a safe, sane solution to this present insanity. IMG_8316 IMG_8308 IMG_8276 IMG_8273 IMG_8265 IMG_8263 IMG_8254 (1) IMG_8245 IMG_8372 IMG_8365