This evening, a neighbour and I were talking about the protest being held in Bradner on Sunday at 11AM, and she asked what we hoped to achieve.

It was a sincere question, requiring some thought.

Why protest that a repeat sexual molester currently lives in a lovely, quiet place, way out in the country?  If this ‘high risk to reoffend‘ predator leaves Bradner, nothing of lasting merit has been achieved.  If the man really is just waiting for an opportune time to strike again, whose child, and in what community will be his next victim?

Shuffling such predators through various neighbourhoods just shuffles the danger, it does not stop the horror of this threat to our precious children.  Men like this are only kept under close watch for awhile.  They walk away from half-way houses.  They have friends with cars.

In an enlightened, and compassionate society, as Canada likes to see itself, the emphasis seems at times to focus more on the needs of criminals to reintegrate into society, than on the awful number of hapless victims hurt or even killed when habitual offenders are released.  The courts too often dole out short sentences that do very little to deter further acts of crime.

Sometimes it looks as if we have a legal system that feeds on crime, rather than a justice system that exists to protect society against criminals.

Darryl Plecas taught criminology at UFV and has expressed the view that child molesters are rarely cured of this horrible desire.

It may be that the man in Bradner was himself the victim of rape. I’ve met a lot of people who got badly messed up because they were raped as children.  Hurting children like that is so vile an evil that we can’t make our focus be on the perpetrator and why he grew up to do these things, while losing sight of the fact that uncured rapist/molesters are dangerous.

We can’t continue to release sexual molesters to prey on hapless victims.

No matter what the reasons may be for someone turning to a depraved lust for children, the children must be our first consideration.  Predators who re-offend and break conditions imposed upon their release from institutional constraints cannot be trusted!!

Sexual predators must not be free to victimize and doom boys and girls into lives of horror, confusion, nightmares and dysfunction.

Who owns Canada?  Do a handful of unelected judges own the country, or would it rightly be said Canada belongs to the whole citizenry?  How many citizens think children should just be able to protect themselves against men who are physically and mentally able to overpower them.  Think of little Tori Stafford.

It’s election time.  All over Canada political wannabees are professing their own suitability to run this country.  Vote for X and you will have a country that prospers, is sustainable, safe, beautiful and just.  They will thump their chests and call themselves ‘Leaders’.  Vote for X and you can go to work, pay your taxes, enjoy your life and rest easy – because X will take care of you.

Who can rest easy when a child can’t even safely walk a few blocks to a friend’s home? Parents anxiously wait for their children to come home,…..hoping no pervert grabs their precious kids while no one can protect them.

Almost all parents now worry so much about their kids that they sacrifice to pay for the child to carry a cellphone.

Traffic jams at the start and finish of a school day as it’s a rare child that has the fun of walking to school anymore.  Almost everyone is paranoid at the unspeakable tragedy that their child might be snatched off the streets.

Those ‘Leaders’ asking for your votes in the upcoming Federal election will continue the pattern of wringing their hands and passing the buck when asked about the short sentencing given to sexual molesters,……. unless the public forces politicians to smarten up.

The courts are to blame!       It’s the judges who are at fault!        There is nothing we can do! ………. Not at the municipal level says Councillor Ross.  Nothing we can do at the Provincial level says MLA Darryl Plecas.  MP Ed Fast might say that the Conservatives have tried to bring sanity to questions of law and order, and that the Liberals and NDP oppose them at every turn.  (I don’t know what Ed would say, but from my reading of the news, it would seem that Mulcair and Trudeau do oppose stiff sentences for serious crime.)

Okay, so lets all just sit down in a mud puddle and cry,…… and hope that one of the many sexual molesters being spewed into our communities won’t get at OUR precious child.  Because we give up!!  It’s all too difficult. Canada evidently is not ruled by the people we elect after all.   Really it is owned by a small group of judges, people we did not elect, and would not recognize in a grocery lineup.  Are you going to buy that?

To answer my neighbour,…..we who will attend the protest Sunday morning, (a few hours from now) – might achieve nothing of significance,  other than to stand in solidarity with those Bradner parents who want to protect their children from a known harm.

Sometimes the issues seem too big and we feel so insignificant to effect change.  And sometimes that is true.  But it is certain that if you attempt nothing, for sure you will change nothing.  However, history is replete with examples of ordinary people who alone, or with the help of others, made the world a better place.  It just doesn’t stay that way.  Gardens turn to weeds and dishes don’t clean themselves.

Canada should do all it can to help criminals become happy, healthy and restored members of society,….  if that is at all possible,………but always mindful of protecting innocent people from further harm.

Get involved in how Canada is governed, talk is cheap so make sure our politicians work for the good of our land.  We need leaders with the brains and the backbone to stop the release of ‘high-risk to re-offend’ criminals.

Politicians make the laws, and they can alter those laws if necessary.