Government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’ was Abraham Lincoln’s ideal and it should be the goal of all democracies.  Do we, THE PEOPLE,  think it is fine to have dangerous sexual molesters/rapists roaming among us, just waiting for the opportunity to grab another helpless child?  This is insanity, and if this is what judges foist on Canadians, the laws have to change.  All the politicians hoping to get elected are babbling about change.  It really is time for some sanity to be brought to our justice system.  Call your MLA’s and your MP’s.

Darryl Plecas seems to genuinely care about this, but we seriously need men and women in government who will bring about reform to the whole sordid business of child abuse at the hands of pedophiles.


Date: Thu, Aug 20, 2015 at 7:03 PM
Subject: Re: Dangerous sex offender allowed to live in rural Abbotsford
To: “Plecas.MLA, Darryl” <>

Hello, Darryl, and thank you for your response to our email.

We appreciate your acknowledgment that “there is something fundamentally wrong” with this situation, and that blame “should be directed at our judicial system.”
However, we do not agree that there is “nothing that can be done” about this, or that “all we can do is live with the circumstances the courts have sent us.” That is why we are participating in a protest rally on Sunday.
We hope you have made some time to do the homework you mentioned, and we also hope that you will seriously consider joining members of your community at the rally. You could perhaps also ask along some of your government associates and criminology colleagues, to listen in person to citizens who have to deal with “the circumstances the courts have sent us.”
All the best,

Richard Peachey and Gerda Peachey

From: Plecas.MLA, Darryl <>
Date: Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 12:53 AM
Subject: RE: Dangerous sex offender allowed to live in rural Abbotsford
To: Richard Peachey <>

Hi Richard and Gerdy. I need to do some homework on this guy, but if my first thoughts are right, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done respecting where he chooses to live. All the Corrections Branch can do is go as far as they can to ensure he abides by court ordered conditions. In my mind, the real issue here is why, given his history, is he out in the community at all. Plain and simple, because he has demonstrated that he poses a significant risk to the community, he should be in prison. If there is blame to go around here it should be directed at our judicial system and in particular, sentencing practices as they relate to consideration of prior record and violation of conditions. As a multiple repeat sex offender with a history of non-compliance, he should have been sentenced to a federal prison term. It makes me want to throw up as I am sure that it does for you and your neighbours, but for the present I am afraid all we can do is live with the circumstances the courts have sent us. We simply can’t go outside a court order. That said, again, I will do a little digging into the guy’s case. Darryl.

P.S. It is ironic that for him to be free, his neighbours need to lock themselves down and, in effect, place conditions on themselves. There is something fundamentally wrong with that.

From: Richard Peachey []
Sent: August 16, 2015 6:51 PM
To: Plecas.MLA, Darryl <>
Subject: Dangerous sex offender allowed to live in rural Abbotsford

Darryl, as residents in your riding, we are wondering why your government is allowing a large, heavy (6’4″, 240 pounds), dangerous, repeat sexual predator and convicted arsonist to live across the street from children in a secluded area of rural Abbotsford?

The police have stated that James Conway has a long criminal history, including failure to abide by conditions:

The public has no real reason to feel secure just because “conditions” have been imposed on Conway. The public is aware of what happened after the release of Raymond Lee Caissie, who also had an Abbotsford connection:

Will you be attending the protest rally on Sunday, Aug. 23, 11:00 a.m., across the street from where this large, heavy, dangerous, repeat sexual predator and convicted arsonist is living?

I would really like to see you there to explain your government’s position on this issue. The CBC and others are planning to be there. The rally is at 27720 Joanita Place.

Even better, if your government could manage to get this individual relocated before Aug. 23, the rally could be turned into a celebration.

Please bring some common sense into this situation.

Thank you,

Richard Peachey and Gerda Peachey