IMG_8000 IMG_7977 IMG_7991 IMG_7969 IMG_7993 IMG_7970It should not be this hard to protect our precious children in a ‘civilized’ society.  Once the law-enforcement world of police, judges, parole-officers know that a man is a ticking time bomb there should be no psycho-babble about whether or why or how he will strike again.

There should be no third, or fourth, or sixtieth strike available to such dangerous men.  Yes men and women in prison should be given all the help society can offer to make it possible for criminals to start new lives, clean and healed.  But no freedom for predators to continue their horrific pattern of using helpless children for unspeakable crimes against children.

Whose little boy or girl should we offer up as a sacrifice to political correctness gone crazy?  Surrey Mayor Linda Heppner gets it,…….”

Word that a high-risk sexual predator has been released into Surrey has the city’s mayor demanding better protection for residents.

Linda Hepner said she’s “livid” that James Conway, a 40-year-old convict known for targeting girls, is living in somewhere in her community.

“Quite frankly, it’s just not acceptable,” Hepner said. “It just baffles the mind. What is the matter with our system?”

Meanwhile in  Abbotsford, we got this limp-wristed response from Councillor Patricia Ross:

The City of Abbotsford does not have an official position on Conway, said deputy mayor Patricia Ross.

“Personally I share the concerns of the community, but ultimately this is B.C. Corrections’ call,” she said. “Unfortunately the city’s involvement is very limited.

It’s astounding how many momentous decisions politicians make that impact heavily on our lives, but how helpless they all become when we really need them to seize the robe of leadership.


It must take a lot of back-bone to take the stand of these Bradner families.  How tragic that they have to do this. IMG_7976 I hope they receive a lot of support for their protest next Sunday.