Today’s National Post (July 21/15) had a article about Stephen Hawking and the $100 million dollar search for alien life.  That search has already cost the world billions of dollars with the goal, seemingly, to ultimately prove that no intelligence was involved in the creation of our unique earth.  Our pale blue dot is a place bursting with life, far more intricate and complex than all of our best minds together, can fully comprehend.  We can only study the works of God, utilize his gifts, attempt to emulate his designs and stand in awe of his profoundly beautiful creation.

And so while firmly shutting our eyes and brains against the billions of proofs all around us pointing to an amazing intelligent designer, mankind stumbles on searching “to find proof that alien life exists.  Hawking said it is time for the question to be answered.  We are intelligent, we are alive, we must know,” he said.

But directly above the Hawking article is one of the daily, horrific examples of people who are definitely not alive anymore and it is because we are anything but intelligent in how we spend our brief sojourn on earth.  The dead and maimed are strewn about in Istanbul, more people savaged by another ISIL attack. That is just one scenario of a world spiritually adrift.  Apart from the one and only Lord and God of the universe,……. we can never find lasting love, and peace and meaning.

Maybe people like Stephen Hawking and his rich billionaire Russian friend should direct their energies to pointing humanity to the deity who dwells in our midst and calls us into fellowship with the only One who can lift us into a higher realm, in fellowship with the God of all life.

Of course since the blind cannot lead the blind Stephen needs to first have the scales removed from his eyes so he can admit that God exists and that our Lord is infinitely more intelligent than all the best scientists and richer than all millionaires combined.  –  Gerda

By Gregory Katz – National Post, July 21, 2015

LONDON — Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has joined a Russian billionaire to launch a major new effort to listen for aliens in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Hawking has offered his support to tech entrepreneur Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Initiatives project — a US$100 million quest to see if extraterrestrial intelligence exists. Milner, who made a fortune through investments in companies like Facebook, said the power and innovation of Silicon Valley could be harnessed to search the entire Milky Way and 100 nearby galaxies.

“There is no bigger question,” Hawking said, using a computer-generated voice to communicate because of his motor neurone disease. “It is time to commit to finding the answer to search for life beyond Earth.”

As well as using some of the world’s most powerful telescopes, the Breakthrough Listen project will support SETIbhome, a University of California, Berkeley computing platform. The project will harness computer power, having 9 million volunteers working in tandem by donating spare computing power to a worldwide network, scanning the skies and looking for life — creating one of the biggest supercomputers in the world.

The researchers say the focused computing power and the use of some of the world’s most powerful telescopes will allow them to collect in one day the same amount of data that would have taken one year to collect before the program began.

“The scope of our search will be unprecedented — a million nearby stars, the galactic centre the entire plane of the Milky Way and 100 nearby galaxies,” Milner said.

He said the search will be entirely transparent and will rely on open- source software so findings can be shared throughout the world.

Milner plans to back the program for at least 10 years although scientists agree it may take longer to find proof that alien life exists.

Hawking said it is time for questions to be answered.

“We are intelligent, we are alive, we must know,” said Hawking.

ISTANBUL:  31 dead, 100 wounded.