Unknown-1Citizens for a Morally Strong Abbotsford:

I have just emailed the following letter to the Abbotsford News. You might also wish to contact the mayor, councillors, and/or the media about this matter.

Editor, The News:
  On June 29, I spoke to Abbotsford city council protesting their June 15 decision to raise the “Pride” flag — a flag celebrating “sexual diversity” (which many in our community see as equivalent to sexual immorality).
  In his response to my speech, Mayor Braun made the following commitment:
  “Should another flag request come in before Council has had the opportunity to debate a flag policy, Council will also consider those requests following the same process.”
  Encouraged by the mayor, seven people sent in flag requests to city hall. The requests included a senior citizens’ flag, pro-life flags, and a “Straight is Great” flag.
  With Machiavellian manipulation, however, those flag requests were placed on the agenda for the evening council meeting of July 13, while the new restrictive flag policy was scheduled for the afternoon meeting of that day.
  When the flag requests came up for council’s consideration, they were simply “received” as correspondence and consigned to the dustbin.
  Due to council’s clever strategy of agenda arrangement, they felt justified in ignoring seven flag requests that had been encouraged by the mayor himself!
  Mayor Braun, you and council have thus succeeded in discriminating against everyone in our community other than the “Pride” people. So much for fair and equal treatment. So much for “following the same process.”
  Council would never have dared to deal with the “Pride” group this way, knowing their legal, political, and media firepower.
  This underhanded treatment of Abbotsford citizens is a disgrace.
Richard Peachey