MEA CULPA:  NOT ….. All nine members of..Brenda Falk was absent)

All nine members of Abbotsford City Council voted ‘yes’ in a hasty, sparse-discussion, no-debate decision to raise a flag to celebrate ‘gay pride’.

A flag, ….. high above our municipal government building.  That is a huge honour,……or it should be. Who gets to have a flag raised in their honour?  That is such a big deal that it should be extremely rare, reserved for the things that truly unite us as a people in our country, our province, our municipality.

Recently a father in Squamish got a visit from the police because his little four-year-old boy was enjoying splashing in the water while dad was washing the car.  Big, serious, grave problem,…..the little boy had taken off his clothes.

In Guelph, recently, an eight-year-old girl was splashing in a wading pool without a top.  That called for the authorities to intervene.  Serious violation of community standards of decency.

But in the twisted world of politicians who give each other exalted titles like, ‘Your Worship‘,…. in that enlightened worldview the flag of ‘gay Pride’ allows nakedness, lewdness and obscenities to cavort on main streets, in major Canadian cities.

And right among the filth and degradation prance Justin Trudeau, whom the Liberals think will restore their glory to them, and Premier Kathleen Wynne, who aims to teach all Ontario children that her views on sexual behaviour shall overrule the value system of the parents who gave them life and love and protection.  Strident, militant ‘Pride’ wants to rip moral, spiritual protection out of the control of fathers and mothers.  The state knows best.  In the old Soviet Union, the state tried to control every aspect of a child’s journey through life.  Ditto for Communist China.  North Korea is rich in military might while millions can starve with impunity in a country where virtually every aspect of life is controlled by a few ruling élite.

This current debate is framed as ‘hateful Christians’ versus ‘love, love, love.’  What an ugly portrayal of love this has been.

Combine the stream of filthy, threatening words coming from those who push gay pride, with the visuals of those who march in vulgar nudity under the ‘Pride’ flag, and the overwhelming feeling left is of a society gone mad, focused obsessively on only one aspect of what it means to be fully human.

“Oh but gay pride Abbotsford is not like gay pride Toronto, or Vancouver”.  Really?…….  It is exactly the same flag!  Other than sexual orientation or sexual behaviour the people who self-identify as ‘gay’ are exactly like the rest of society.  We are all citizens of Canada, with equal rights.  If there is bullying or injustice, …. apply the laws of the land that are there to protect everyone.  But what is being demanded by militant ‘Pride,’ and granted with almost no resistance any more, is that the rest of society must be forced to affirm, celebrate, endorse and embrace behaviour that the Lord God, creator of all mankind, calls grievous sins.

“What is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God.”  (Luke 16)