All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing . – Edmund Burke

Canada is spiralling at breakneck speed into a moral abyss.  Most people my age (70) could never have conceived the world now disintegrating into moral chaos.  Though people rarely could live up to even their own expectations, – which is why we have always needed Jesus to save us from our sinful lower nature, nonetheless there were pretty well-defined parameters.

We knew the family unit of Father, Mother, siblings, relatives, was more or less a good thing, even if we didn’t always get along with each other, we understood this was the ideal unit from which foundation expanded family units grew into mutually beneficial larger societal units.  People sometimes hurt each other but there was a basic law and order framework.

Neighbours looked out for one another’s kids, ….. adults lent a helping hand and despite the foibles and frailties of human nature we benefited from living in relative harmony with other family units.  Within the larger groups we had greater safety, more ability to prosper and in the Western world we developed varying forms of governance to protect the rights of individuals from those more powerful than themselves, but also to protect the larger group from the tyranny of any rogue bad apples.

The family unit is under serious attack in Canada and in the U.S. and Europe.  The free West was built on the foundation of the Judeo-Christian worldview.  You can’t read the paper without seeing irrational, foaming at the mouth hatred toward Israel.  There is simply no explanation for this virulent rage, other than hatred of God.  The Jews are the apple of his eye.  And Christianity is not far behind.  Christians have suffered much under Communism, and continue to suffer and sometimes die in totalitarian systems around the world.

We’ve had a really long and easy stretch in the free, democratic West and maybe we have just got too comfortable.  The church of Jesus Christ the only Saviour of the world has become happy to let their worship teams sing professional love songs, but an awful lethargy has seeped into our souls.  We’ve become afraid to speak the truth of God because, well, we might lose our tax exemptions.  Maybe if we dare to speak our doubts about the scientific validity of the just-so stories of our evolutionary ascent from non-life to life in some primordial ooze, and ever onwards, ever upwards by bazillion bazillion miracles, – events we never see replicated in real science,…….well if we express our doubts we might never land that coveted position at the university.

And if we really preach, or share in private the liberating truths of God, his manual for the highest of his created order, well you know that Bible can get people upset, mad at us even.  And maybe we’ll get hauled before that Human Rights tribunal.  And maybe we’ll get sued and have to pay a lot of money to someone for hurting their feelings.

Yeah maybe that can all happen in a world that has turned it’s back on the creator.

Those who do not want God to rule in their lives have devised some very clever ways to hack away at the foundations we once all took for granted.  Instead of engaging one another in rational discussions about our varying beliefs and philosophical moorings, the anti-god folk began shouting very loudly that the believers were filled with hate towards this individual or towards that distinct group.  Before long the anti-god folk succeeded in making ‘hate’ a worse crime than wife-beating.

Today, in Abbotsford, the town that what used to be sneeringly called the Bible Belt of BC, we have a council composed of four Christian men.  I don’t know where the other five councillors stand in their relationship to the Lord God.  This council in a swift, cowardly 5 minutes at the end of an evening session, voted to raise high above our local government building the flag that represents sexual behaviour expressly forbidden by the God who made us all, in his own image.

God wants us to be holy as he is holy.  He wants to have fellowship with us, his created beings.  We fell into sin and he sent his only son to redeem us, to restore us to fellowship with him.  Apart from him our lives are spiritually empty.  Without his spirit to guide us we stumble through this life, never fulfilled, never experiencing the fullness of love that God our heavenly father wants to give us.

Because Richard and I are opposed to giving this incredible honour and respect to a group that has as its defining feature an emphasis on sexual mores contrary to the word of God, we’ve had a raging torrent of hatred and unspeakable filth come our way.   Stating that a flag is a huge message of endorsement, that this divisive flag should never have been jammed down the throats of a large number of people who do not want this message conveyed to impressionable youth has exposed just how ugly the gay agenda really is.

This isn’t about what is legally allowed, what people want to do in private.  It’s not about bashing, or oppressing or denying basic human rights to anyone.  This is about the strident, militant movement called Gay Pride.  The wimpy, false words of our mayor and councillors that we had to hoist such a flag in order to show a group of people they belonged is galling.

If there was so much bashing, bullying and denying of basic human rights the newspapers would have been all over it.

If charging Biblical Christians with hate is not enough, the ‘pride’ folk will accuse them of driving people to commit suicide if we dare to say that God the Lord has given warnings against sexual immorality.  I guess you could be imprisoned for causing someones’ death.  That fear will certainly silence many believers.

God in his mercy reached my heart and mind and soul when I was 25 years old.  I’d transferred out West from Ontario with my best friend.  We both worked in banks and did whatever we wanted to do in our spare time.  We had boyfriends, parties, booze whatever you’re supposed to have in order to have a fun life.

Increasingly for me life on the inside of me became hollow, meaningless and at times filled with despair.  I seriously considered taking drugs just to dull the pain.  If I had not been too much of a coward I might have pondered more seriously some of the exit scenarios that played in the recesses of my mind.  Because we have a God-shaped void in our beings, and only God, our creator, sustainer, the only true lover of our souls and ultimately our final judge, only he, the only true God,……can fill that void.